Cancer and Your Pet

May 16th, 2010

Just say the word cancer and any of a host of undesirable thoughts will pop in your mind- and with good reason. Cancer is one of the most common of diseases among pets and increases as the pet ages. In dogs, the frequency of getting cancer is equivalent to that of a human being getting […]

Grooming your New Puppy

May 14th, 2010

Dog ownership is really a joy to be had by numerous people, but it is also a chore if you don’t know the proper way to groom the dog. Common grooming tips  can be employed to make cleaning and caring for your canine much simpler and time efficient, thus giving you a lot more time […]

There is no such thing as a ‘complete’ food for rabbits – that is, no single rabbit food that can be fed to the exclusion of every other, whether it’s hay, nuggets or Muesli.Any kind and caring pet owner will want what is best for their rabbit. However, many do not realise which types of […]

It’s crucial that you simply maintain your surroundings safe for your cat, as they’re really inquisitive animals and will get into all sorts of trouble given half the opportunity. Living near a road is a major concern for any cat owner, as cats love to wander around the neighborhood in search of other cats or […]

With Bill Keene’s product referred to as Building A Chicken Coop, the majority of people will now be able to construct their own chook coop so they can keep a few chickens on their property. Designs are provided for three sizes of poultry coops: a small portable coop for keeping a few laying hens, a […]

Hamsters are cute, furry and make very popular pets!  As you look for hamster names for your new furry friend, the most important thing to remember is to find a name that you like and that also suits your hamster. To help you do this, here are some helpful suggestions: 1) Determine whether your hamster is […]

What, exactly, does “natural” mean?  More importantly, what does “natural” mean whenever you see it on a can or a bag of pet food?  You desire the best of everything for your dog, including his food, but are foods that are labeled as natural dog foods any better than any other not labeled natural? The […]

You’ve got a dog; you undoubtedly will want to get him a collar next. If you plan on doing this, you should ensure that your dog is getting the right collar. The choice of a dog collar will depend on the type of dog in question. You can find collars in various sizes. You will […]

Our cats require a varied diet, including a mixture of canned cat food and dry food. Contrary to opinions that it doesn’t matter, buying only one form of food because of ease or price is a error, and can injure your cat’s health. When the cat is alone or unattended for a time, carbohydrate rich […]

You may not be the type of puppy owner who spends a lot of time training your pooch. It’s rather alright (most dog owners do not have the time). However, there are two basic commands that could literally save your dog’s life and only takes a few minutes each day to teach. Teaching your puppy […]