5 Steps to Relieve Your Cat Dander Allergy

Posted May 19th, 2010 by gemainz

If you love cats, cat dander could make your life really miserable. If you’re one of the unfortunate cat owners who have a reaction to cat dander, then good news, you may not have to give up your feline friend.

Cat dander are microscopic pieces of cat skin shed by your pet and spread all over your home. It is sometimes wrongly diagnosed as cat dandruff. If you have an allergy, here are some ways to minimise your problem:

1) Don’t let your kitty into the bedroom or onto the bed. I know this is difficult especially for those who share the bed with the cat, but the close proximity of your body to the bedsheet and pillow means that you’ll be breathing in cat dander whenever you lie on the bed. Try to train your pet to recognise your bedroom as out of bounds and you should see some improvement.

Also clean your bedsheets, pillow cases and blankets with hot water as much as possible.

2) Does your house have carpets? You might want to remove them as cat dander cling on to them and bacteria breeds easily there. If that isn’t possible, vacuum your carpets whenever possible.

3) Same for fabric sofas. The cloth of the sofa act as a breeding ground for cat dander. Change them with leather sofa sets or clean the fabric regularly.

4) Now you need to examine your curtains. If you’re using the heavy fabric ones, cat dander might stick to them easily. You might want to change them to another material or alternatives like blinds.

5) As cat dander spread by the air due to their tiny size, you have to consider cleaning the air too. It would be a good idea to invest in a good air purifier.

These five simple tips should help you get started though by no way are they the only solutions. More cat dander advice can be found at www.catdandruffaway.com








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