Amazing Chinchilla Tricks

Posted August 27th, 2010 by gemainz

Chinchillas are playful in nature and lovable pets because of their furry skin. Aside from these personalities, Chinchillas are also loved by people because of their ability to perform amazing and numerous tricks. Chinchillas are very intelligent and clever creatures which subject them to perform amazing Chinchilla tricks that can wow any individual.

Teaching your pet Chinchilla a Chinchilla trick is not that easy. It requires you to have lots of patience and you need to win their trusts first. Once you lose their trust, it will take a lot of time for them to give it back again. Chinchillas have very good memories. They can easily remember a person or a thing that scared them or frightened them. The next time they encounter that person or anything that caused them such emotion, they reject it.

Most of the pet owners really don’t have any plan in training their pets. Some train their pet Chin only for fun and entertainment. When you are training your pet Chin, never raise your voice to let them do Chinchilla tricks. These pets can easily get frightened. You can only raise your voice if it’s necessary for training purposes. Like if you don’t want them to go and bite your electrical wiring then train them on how to do that. But before you train them for that, make sure that you already gained their trust for it to be effective.

Common and first Chinchilla tricks that you can teach your pet Chin, is teaching them how to chew out of a hand. You can start putting a treat in your palm and the Chin should step in your palm to get the treat. Owners should be patience in doing this because you pet Chin may not trust you at first. After you have gained the trust of your pet Chin and have done this trick, try moving it on your forearm, this is teaching your pet to climb in your forearm in getting a treat.

Also, train them to get used to being seized and handled by their owners. Train them to get used to being held, allowing your pet to crawl all over your arms. These pets will learn the tricks like sitting on command like your dogs; they have their own unique way to do certain Chinchilla tricks that amazes people. These lovely creatures love to jump over obstacles and run around their cages. These are just some of their entertaining Chinchilla tricks that made people want to keep them as pets.

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