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Posted April 22nd, 2010 by gemainz

If you wish to draw in plenty of birds, you will have to understand where to locate the bird feeder pole and the bird feeder. Once you make the seed a lot more accessible to the birds, they quickly discover it and visit all the time. You might be puzzled as to where to locate your feeders though. Below is some material that really should help you figure it out.

Birds locate their food by sight rather than by their sense of smell. So be sure that the birds are able to see the feeder. This way they’re going to rapidly get accustomed to visiting the feeder.

Place the feeders in areas of the yard that are relatively peaceful, but where you can still observe them. It really is nice to be able to see them as you look out the windows of your home. This way you’ll be able to enjoy the birds for hours if you’d like. So remember this when you are ready to position the wild bird feeder.

You’d like the spot to be easily accessible so you’ll be able to fill the feeder. Even in lousy weather conditions, you need to be able to quickly replenish your feeder.

Also, locate your feeders near some sort of shelter like trees or shrubs. This way the birds have a place where they’re protected while they wait to get at the feeders. You’ll want to keep the bird feeder pole and bird feeder far enough away from this shelter so squirrels aren’t encouraged. Additionally, your outdoor cats should have much more trouble pouncing on the birds if you give some thought to where you place your bird feeders.

Choose a spot where the overflow of seed, feathers, and bird droppings won’t matter. Many of the commercial seeds have additives so they will not germinate. This might also cause other plants not to sprout. Remember this when choosing the spot.

Do not put all your feeders on the identical height. The height that the bird feeder pole ought to be depends on which birds you are attempting to attract. Perform a bit of research so you will have all of your feeders at the proper heights.

Now understand that some birds desire platforms to feed on rather than the hopper or tube feeders. So you should definitely have a few platforms scattered about. These platforms can sit on top of the bird feeder post, hang from one, or hang from a tree.

Various other birds are ground feeders and may eat up the seeds the other birds push out of the feeder. This might help clean up part of the mess the birds create. No need to put out additional seed for these kinds of birds. The other birds will drop sufficient to feed them.

Using the information above, you should better understand where to locate a bird feeder pole and bird feeder now. You’ll appreciate many hours of watching the birds come and go. It’s also exciting to make a list of the birds that visit your backyard. This is called a life list by professional birdwatchers. So have fun today and set up some feeders for your feathered friends.

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