Bird Memorials

Posted July 28th, 2011 by gemainz

A bird for everyone who has owned one can actually attest the truth it is as special as a cat or a dog to its owner- so when it dies, it would produce the same amount of sadness and grief as losing a family group.  As of similar memorial as death of a man, some people think a pet could not be worthy of having one.  Though there are some who thinks it’s the same, they say a pet’s death ought to be processed in the same manner. This is why some people choose to show tribute to their feathered friends with bird memorials.  This is a way to say good-bye, to process the pain, to go on.

Out from the different methods how to memorialize a pet bird, it all still falls on the owner’s decision.  Some pet owners prefer a simple burial; others consider cremation could possibly be that ashes are scattered or put into an urn.  For other owners still, the greatest thing could perhaps be some sort of a visual focal point like a form of jewelry with a few feathers on it or probably just placing those in a locket.

However, a few of the pet owners don’t regard these bird memorials as a way to handle their feeling. Their grief and sadness remains.  For them, creativity should be added more into it.

One artist created an idea while processing her very own grief over the losing of a pet.  What she thought of was the thought of putting the pet’s remains within an inspirational artwork that may be helpful and could make her feel better.  She considered that others could feel alike, and so she created a collection of limited-edition heart themed prints on canvas, with the final coat of cremated remains, fur or feathers of the lost pet personally hand-finished- the Loving Hearts Tribute Series.  Truth is, several pet owners are helped with these specialized artworks.

An inspirational remembrance of life, love and joy is what this artwork is about and not just a public display nor an indication of death and loss.  Whenever a bird dies, the method goes similar for dogs and cats, what includes in the piece could be one of the most meaningful of bird memorials – the ashes or feather with regards to the owner’s preference.  Thus, for those who cannot process the grief from the simple burial-or even for many who could, but merely want something more-the Loving Hearts Tribute Series could be the best means for someone to encourage them to say good-bye to a special feathered friend.

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