Children and Dogs

Posted March 30th, 2011 by gemainz

It is frequent in a home that dog and child have to cohabit. This cohabitation can reveal a marvelous experiment for all the family but can sometimes prove to be delicate if some simple precautions are not taken.

Do you have to give in to the request of your child?

The purchase of a dog must, above all, be a thoughtful act; you must take several points into account. All the family must want your new companion and be prepare to invest their time: a dog needs walks, games (especially for the puppies), but it will also be necessary that everyone will take part in the education of the newcomer as well as with the repair of potential damages. Also do not forget that the adoption of a dog has a price and that everyone including your child must be aware of it. Moreover, it might be necessary to use pet sitting for your dog in the event of departure in weekend or on vacation?, and it will then be required to find a pension for him, which is not always easy.

How to prepare your dog for the arrival of a baby

Before the arrival of your child, it is important to make sure that your dog and your baby will be able to become the best friends in the world. For that, it is necessary to prepare your dog for the arrival of the baby. It is first of all necessary to familiarize your dog with babies and young children. For that it is important to associate the presence of the child with a pleasant situation: petting, treats, games… If he avoids them if he attacks them, consult a veterinary in order to solve these problems of cohabitation before the arrival of your child.

You must start to decrease gradually, during pregnancy, the duration of the cuddles, because time that you will have to devote to him will be less when the baby is born. When your child is born, you will have to be more attentive towards your dog, to give him more attention (by caresses and games) when your child is in the same room, and to give him less attention when the child is not there. Your dog will think then: “child=cuddles”.

It is imperatively necessary to take some precautions of hygiene before the arrival of your child: treat your dog against external parasites (fleas and ticks). When the mom and the baby are at the maternity hospital, the dad will be able to bring back linen of the mother and the child so that the dog will get use to these odors in the house.

It is not necessary “to officially introduce” the child to the dog, let your dog take the initiative of the first contact, under your close supervision. The first thing your dog will do is to smell your child. If it already had the occasion to smell his odor (thanks to the linens brought back by the dad), this first contact will take place without problems.

Keep in mind that a child of less than three years old is not ready to decipher your dog’s body language. Your child is thus likely not to become aware that he is annoying the dog, and that if the dog grumbles it is to warn that he can bite. When your child will grow up, teach him how to decipher the language of the dog: when he is happy, when he is dissatisfied, when he is waiting for something, when he needs pet care etc… This will reinforce the complicity between your dog and your child.


A dog is a very good playfellow for children and an irreplaceable factor of awakening. If you follow these few advices, the harmony will be perfect.

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