Chinchilla Cages: Should Be Kept Clean

Posted November 21st, 2010 by gemainz

Chinchillas are cute and lovable rodents usually found on humid mountain tops. They vary in personality and they have thick smooth fur that serves as their protection against some environmental factors. They too need a typical environment to live wherein they can grow old and be abundant. But if you want to have it as you pet, one of your outmost concerns is where to put it. They are active creatures, thus you must consider what appropriate cage to use for your chinchilla pets.

Consider the size of the cage you are planning for your chinchilla. Take note, they love to move over and over again, thus the larger the cage, the better. They are very hyper during nighttimes and they love to play. Also mind that your chinchillas must take their dust bath, if you want to do it inside the cage, it’s alright but see to it that the space is enough. The most recommended cage for your pets are wire made cage. This type of cage will be very beneficial for their protection but just pick a plain wire cage to avoid intoxication due to the paint and any other decorations. Be able to recognize the proper spacing of the wires for your chinchillas not to be injured as they roam around. You can put the cage then in a secure place in any part of your home.

Put the cage in a place with proper ventilation and lightning. Too much heat is dangerous for them and too dark area is not also suitable. Put them in an area where the air can well circulate, making them feel cool. They are temperature sensitive animals, thus beware of the type of weather for you to assess their needs. You can place some pack ice on their cage during hot season that would make them relax despite of the heat.

Lastly, maintain cleanliness on their cage. Be sure to clean it once in a while after they eat or after they urinate. Chinchillas cannot be train for proper deposits like dogs, thus it good to put on some additional beddings for moisture absorption as well as you can lessen the odour. You can also apply on some disinfectant to prevent contamination and intoxication. Don’t forget to always check the cage floor whether it is a solid one or a pull tray. To ensure the health of your Chinchillas, have those clean chinchilla cages!

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