Chinchilla Facts: For Your Information

Posted January 30th, 2011 by gemainz

Owning pets is not that easy. You need to know every detail of it so that you can able to have more of it. Chinchillas are not just like the usual pets some owners tend to have like the different breeding of dogs and cats. Taking chinchillas as your pet is somehow a unique idea; but they can be one of the best pets you can have. They are very active and entertaining especially when they take their most favourite dust or ash bathe. That’s why for those who wish to buy chinchillas to be their pets, go for crystallized or transparent chinchilla bathe container for you to see how enjoying they are while taking their baths. To know more about chinchillas, consider the some facts below, for your information.

Long life: Chinchillas compare to other pets can live for a very long time. They can reach the age of 15 to 20. That’s one good thing about them. If you choose chinchillas for as pets, expect to give your outmost dedication. Adopting these kind of creatures will take you to different times because it can live that long.

Unique Characteristics: Every chinchilla have their own rare qualities. Some like to be held and carried while others do not. Some like to be pat under their chin while others like to be tap at head. They can’t really be the same because they have their own uniqueness innate or influence by their owner’s upbringing.

Extra running: Chinchilla must be given the chance to run freely aside from giving them a wheel or a huge cage. They can really enjoy running out of the cage. Just make sure that where they run is safe from any danger like electrical circuits or falling debris.

Hay and pellets: They should have an access for hay and pellet for food. Some pet stores sell foods that are not advisable for your chinchilla such as seeds, raisins, and nuts. They should be given plain pellets because it is healthy. It is not that delicious compared to snack-filed foods but they are good and safe for health.

NO trainings: And if you want to train your chinchilla pet, don’t be annoyed with the idea. They can recall their names and after that nothing. They can’t be trained. They are inflexible and they just sit and watch you. Trainings for chinchillas are not applicable.

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