Different Cat Breeds

Posted June 25th, 2011 by gemainz

During the ancient generations that came about for more than a thousand years, the camaraderie between the humans and the cats has already been developed. Yet, cats ranked only second as man’s preferred pets today in the modern world. The excellent thing about owning a cat as your pet is that it doesn’t need a great amount of monitoring provided that you do not starve them and have fun with them if you have the time. You can leave them inside your house while you go out to work. Additionally, it is unnecessary to take them out for a walk in contrast to getting a dog as your pet.

Not Pedigreed Cats

All around the world, most of the cats kept as pets are really the non-pedigreed kinds. Actually, there’s only a small percentage of 3% to those owners having a purebred cat as their pet while the rest have mixed breeds. But no matter if the pet cat is a purebred or a non-pedigreed kind, this isn’t considered to be a concern since having a pedigreed cat do not have additional advantages after all.

Most cat breeds are distinctive from one another in their body shapes, sizes as well as length of coat plus color of their eyes, and maybe even in their personality. Of all the various cat breeds, there are two major groups which are short hair and long hair and the short hair cats are the most common of all cat breeds.

The rationalization as to why cat owners like the short-haired cats more is because long-haired cats are more difficult to handle. To explain this, long-haired breeds demand more washing and grooming sessions. Additionally, fleas are more likely to exist and that can be a huge problem most specifically if the pets are placed inside the house.

Ever since cats have been around on earth, their different breeds have steadily progressed that as many as seventy unique cat breeds are remarked in many nations. Not only have they skyrocketed their breeds, their capabilities have also proliferated to numerous types from hunting to eliminating those irksome vermin specifically mice and rats. They are not only used for killing pests, they could also provide friendship which is another factor that a man needs.

Among the several recognized cat breeds, you may be acquainted to as many as forty among them with a few having their own differences. In relation to those ancient cat breeds, it has been mentioned that these kinds of breeds are just congruent to other ancient stories.

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