Dog Art in the City

Posted January 28th, 2011 by gemainz

Are you seeing graffiti? This is what you call ruffiti. Sharing images of his dogs with the rest of Manhattan, an artist paints them on construction site fences or buildings. Regardless if you love dogs or not, surely you will react to the paintings that this artist does. Further your knowledge on paintings at custom dog portraits.

Most of the time, he gets positive and negative responses for his paintings. Not only are his works featured in TV but there are part of magazines too. He was granted a seven city tour one summer on Route 66 after his works were covered by the media.

This style of painting was meant to save him from interactions with art dealers. Most of the time, art dealers will instruct artists on what should be painted on a canvass. Creativity is put on the line when it comes to a situation like this where art dealers rule.

Serving as a new activity for him was painting these images. Sitting in the room is almost a psychedelic experience. None of these dog portraits are similar. Never was he not confident about his works. More expert paintings information is located at oil painting art reproduction.

Normally, all he uses for each dog painted are seven swift strokes. At that time, he says, he was going to a lot of galleries and got tired of looking at paintings that were so wispy and vague. For one woman who was located down the street from the gallery, she only visited when there was the dog show. What she got from the gallery was a $1,500 dog painting.

Some went there but not to spend anything. Signing a fence was something that the artist did not expect. There were also some people who considered the show a disgrace. These paintings are causing nothing but trouble in New York.

There will always be detractors the artist said. To have some money, he used to be part of the antique market.

When he sees something, it could serve as an inspiration for his work. When it is dark, he will be in the Wall Street area. He also visits the countryside every now and then during the summer. What they call this is the Dogs across America tour.

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