Having to go through dog housebreaking is tough and quite a few employ using a dog crate to help achieve this purpose. Necessary as it is, dog crates often create some trouble for those with pets. As inconvenient as they may be for pet buffs with large homes, they are a lot more so for those who live in apartments and need to make use of every little space available.

Even small dog’s crate can bring up space concerns for people with size-restricted spaces. In addition, the most cost effective dog crates generally come in a single material: metal wire; and in two surface finishes: black or silver. The shades are neutral enough however a dog crate’s design is pretty basic, it’s a rectangular, cage-like structure. It doesn’t really translate as the pup’s personal bedroom; frequently, the dog crate’s wire bars and make them looking like a personal prison cell. 

Searching for a good work around on the look and feel of the dog crate for you as well as your dog’s sakes doesn’t need to be a Herculean task, nor does it have to cost an arm and a leg. To deal with this artistic challenge that is the metal wire “box” as well as the spatial problem of apartment dwellers is workable with the right alternative: dog crate covers.

These dog crate covers can deal with the two issues singlehandedly. First, these inexpensive solutions produce a visually attractive concealment for that metal eyesore of the dog crate-all while keeping suitable ventilation for the dog’s new personal hideaway. Second, it can offer the space your dog’s crate uses up one other purpose; it can now be used being an end table or being an extra seat. Plus, an added touch which will make the dog crate cover blend flawlessly into your home, you can customize it by picking out colors, detailing-like beadboard paneling or other type of surface covering, and even those accessories like the upholstered cushions and any fabric you have chosen.

You can always find solutions you can find. Many of them are from people who’ve encountered identical problems and came up with an expedient means of solving it. Although not all of us are good with cabinetry or woodworking tools, we can easily always point, click, and specify what we like and let the professionals do it for us. Furthermore, as they’ve came across these very problems themselves and probably have pets themselves, they have a good understanding of your needs and your dog’s as well.  

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