There is not any rejecting it, the best diabetic dog food can reverse the diabetes.  This is obvious when you notice that many, if not most, commercial dog foods are the reason for so much illness, including diabetes.  

Of course, there may be other reasons for diabetes, but by a long way the most typical is the food.  Here are some of the explanations why this is the cause.  

1.  Commercial dog food manufacturers are far more concerned about their profit than about the fitness of your dog.  This is the explanation corporations exist, to turn a profit.  There’s no problem with this idea in itself.  The problems happen when you forget this and start to trust them unconditionally.  

2.  Because people tend to believe that animals are second class citizens, or perhaps third or tenth, everybody thinks their diet can be made from the leavings of human food.  Sometimes this may be done.  But you can’t get away with it all of the time.  For instance, high fat content, often used extensively in pet food, is as bad for your dog as it is for you.  

3.  In most nations, there are no laws to protect your dog or his food.  Or no actually effective laws!  This indicates that anything is permitted.  And so anything can ( and does ) occur.  For instance, the chemicals used would never be allowed in human food due to their harmfulness, but are widely found in pet food, even those that say they do not have any.  

4.  Diet and nourishment is complicated.  Humans have truly only just scratched the surface in knowing something about this subject.  And know even less about dog nutrition.  So that the claims made on pretty packets are far more about persuading you to buy, than about giving you accurate and educational information.  

Dogs have been evolving over millions of years.  Nature has perfected the art that all of their nutritive wishes can be gained from their diet.  By feeding your dog according to natural laws, you can reverse the diabetes that has been due to the diet.  And dramatically improve the fitness of the dog whose diabetes wasn’t due to diet.

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