Dog Pooing in House

Posted September 4th, 2011 by gemainz

Many dog owners are frustrated when their treasured dog poos on the floor of the house . The reasons for this can be perplexing to an owner, who thinks they have at last figured out their beloved dog . Unfortunately, some people don’t want the responsibility, and end up giving the dog back . 

There are many reasons why there is dog pooing in house

  • It may perhaps be the predicament that your little puppy is simply not mature enough yet to be ready to control herself .
  • Your dog has not been well trained. She believes it is o.k. to poo in the house, and is confused to see you respond otherwise .
  • Is your dog dominant? If so, she will not respect your authority, and will act as the alpha dog . She knows she can poo on the floor any time she desires, as you are a big softie, and will not punish her in any way . 
  • Your dog may be suffering from a previously undetected medical condition, such as a difficulty with her bowels.
  • Your dog is not pleased with you for some reason and, even though absolutely potty trained, will poo in the house out of spite.
  • Your dog may possibly be suffering from separation anxiety.
  • Your dog might be incontinent. Despite the fact that she has been well trained, she may nonetheless still poo in the house . She is not to be blamed under these circumstances .
  • A change of residence can cause dog pooing in house as well . The nervousness and fear of new surroundings can cause the pooing . It can also cause a lot of unwanted dog peeing in the house as well.

You really should try to isolate the trigger for the pooing, which will allow you to decide on appropriate treatment on how to stop dog pooping in the house .

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