Effective Ferret Care

Posted June 23rd, 2010 by gemainz

What your new ferret needs is someone that will take good care of him and love him. You need to understand the right way of ferret care that you can give your new friend ferret. You can show this by providing your ferret a very nice and comfortable home with a comfortable bed to sleep in. Providing them with hammock can be your best choice when it comes to sleeping material. Ferrets just have this so much love for hammocks. It provides them the perfect comfort and spot for hiding and sleeping. Ferrets love to hide and take a nap. They are hyperactive creature and very playful, and so, after playing they also get tired and want to rest. They normally sleep 18-20 hours a day. They really need these hours of sleep to regain the energy that they have lost.

Ferret care also includes providing them with proper diet and grooming. Their diet is a meat-based diet. Ferret gets all the nutrition they need through meat-based diet. Avoid feeding them food that contains high fibre. Their body was not designed to digest fibres. This will result to soft and wet mucous bowel movement. Wrong diet will also lead to health problems and can shorten their life span. Proper diet means healthy ferret and happy ferret.

Grooming is also important in ferret care. Of course, most of us want that our pet ferret looks neat and well-groomed. This is possible if we are keen enough to groom our ferret. Wash them using ferret shampoo and soap, if these are not available, you can use cat products but never use dog products. Check for ear mite when you’re grooming them. Ear mites can affect their health. Also check for their nails and trim them occasionally. At least every two weeks. Clean your ferret’s materials like their food and water dishes, house, and beddings.

Playing with them is also part of ferret care. You need to interact with your pet ferret to build relationship and gain his trust. If your pet ferret trust you, then it would be easier to tame and discipline them. Ferrets really love to play. They are known to be hyperactive and playful creatures. Make sure that when you play with them no one gets hurt. Ferret has thicker skin as compared to ours. So they may think that you’re just the same with them and they are not aware of the force that they apply when playing. If this happens, just look at them in the eye and say NO! To let them know that what they’re doing is wrong. But technically, your ferret has really no intention of hurting you.

These are the few tips that you need to understand in ferret care. If we understand the nature and behaviour of our ferret pet, we can provide them the proper care that they need.

James A. Myers is a nature lover with special interest in animals – particularly feral ones. He adopted his first pair of <a href=”http://www.ferretcaretipscenter.com/ferrets-care/”>ferrets</a> 3 years ago and raised them to become a family within a family. Visit James’ website <a href=”http://www.ferretcaretipscenter.com/”>www.ferretcaretipscenter.com</a> for tips and tricks on how to give ferrets the care that they deserve.

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