Feeding Your Kitty With The Best Food It Deserves

Posted November 29th, 2010 by gemainz

Humans’ most in demand need is food – that’s not a fact to question. Among pets, food is also a need that any owner shouldn’t neglect their animals to give. Food is needed in order to keep them alive and healthy. With food deficiency comes several sickness and ailments. No responsible pet owner will allow her pet to starve to death.

There are so many brands of cat food in the market and sometimes we just can’t make up our minds on what brand we should buy. Through this article, I am going to make you choose which is the best food in the market that your little kitty cat deserves.

Things To Consider:

1.    Nutrients

What are the nutrients that can be found in your cat food? Is it rich in vitamins, proteins, and other essential nutrients that are needed to maintain the functioning of the body of your feline friend well?

Always bear in mind that cats are similar with humans in a way that they also need a well-balanced diet. Too much meat can cause liver damage and cholesterol to build up. By the way, don’t give your cat large amount of food they cannot consume. Don’t be ridiculous laughing and giggling at a plump cat. You don’t know that you are putting the life of your kitty at risk of diseases.

Nutrients can be appropriately collected from the cat food if your cat food is a whole meat which has small pieces of vegetables in it. Isn’t that a proportionate diet? You can try recipes also for your feline pet. Certainly, it will take a small extra effort but if it is for your adorable cat, why wouldn’t you do it?

2.    Taste Good

“Scrumptious,” I can imagine the cat uttering. Of course, you won’t just consider the nutrients. Even humans won’t eat foods that stink whenever they taste it. The cat will surely go hungry to death although you are feeding them regularly.

3.    Zero Preservatives

Definitely! I’ll go for no preservative or if there’s no choice low preservative added food. I wouldn’t allow companies to devour my cat’s liver and kidneys because of the too much preservative added on their product just to lengthen the shelf life of their product.

Preservatives in humans can cause a lot of health troubles. It is the same situation with animals. Don’t destroy your cat’s vital organs by providing them foods that have a big mass of preservative added.

4.    From the Trusted Brands

I will say it again, you should buy from trusted brands – TRUSTED – and not just well known. Fame is not the basis. Honest companies deserve a crowd of clients patronizing their products.

There are a number of <a href=”http://www.fuzzy-feline.info/feeding-your-kitty-with-the-best-food-it-deserves/”>brands of cat food</a> in the market. you shoudl be careful in selecting which one is the best that you should feed your kitty.

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