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Posted December 31st, 2010 by gemainz

The sheer terror that dog owners deal with when they have a missing or lost dog can be almost unbearable. Many dog owners feel as close to their pets as they do to their family members. In fact, family pets are often thought of as part of the family and when they go missing the hurt is as strong and real as it would be for a missing person. Sadly, lost dogs are a rather common occurrence. In some cases the pets run away and in others they simply get lost. Of course there are also times that pets are actually stolen. And until recently the best recourse was to put up flyers, do searches on your own and make regular visits to any local lost dog shelter. But now there’s a much better way to locate missing dogs. It’s called Pet Amber Alert.

This program is amazing. Within a matter of hours it can make hundreds or even thousands of people aware that your dog is lost. Here’s how to get started with the program. When your dog goes missing you visit the website at There you will provide basic information. This will include your name and phone number as well as information about your lost dog. The more information you can provide the better. Start with the essentials, like the dog’s name, breed, color, size, any special markings, and anything else you can think of that might be helpful. Be sure to include information about the last place your dog was seen and whether your pet was wearing a collar.

Many times lost dogs are not far from home. They may be in a neighbor’s home or trapped in a backyard or garage. Dogs can be curious at times and that curiosity can sometimes get them into trouble. When lost dogs are trapped in a nearby location they are usually found very quickly.

Not every lost dog is so lucky. Some lost pets travel quite a distance from home before realizing they are lost. And of course, many lost pets end up at the local lost dog shelter, which can be a good thing. At least there they are cared for and they can be more easily found.

Pet Amber Alert can provide assistance in reuniting lost pets with their owners in all of these situations. Once you have provided the information needed posters can be faxed to local shelters, veterinarians, pet shops and other places likely to be helpful in locating your lost dog. Plus, phone calls can be made to your neighbors. This notification system gets the word out about your missing pet and chances are greatly increased that your pet will be returned home quickly and safely.

About The Author:

Jim Mattingly reported his lost dogs, Frankie and Johnnie to Pet Amber Alerts, after they went missing in the park. According to Mattingly the dogs were there playing one minute and gone the next. Thanks to the program, the local lost dog shelter called Mattingly the next day to let him know his dogs were safe.

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