Getting a Degu? Know about Pet Health Care

Posted September 27th, 2010 by gemainz

Many people haven’t even heard of degus: they are small rodents native to Chile which are increasingly popular UK pets. Often likened to keeping mice or chinchillas, the pet health care responsibilities of keeping a degu are relatively simple provided the owner does their research and is prepared to make a commitment for the duration of the degu’s life.

Like with other animals, a major starting point for pet health care is providing a suitable home. Degus need a good sized cage complete with water and food bowls. Always position the cage away from cold and out of sunlight, in a quiet spot.

For bedding, paper based cat litter is perfect and hay and shredded paper should be available for burrowing and sleeping. Make sure to clean the cage at least once a week to avoid pet health care issues.

Diet wise, hard vegetables and hay are perfect for degus. But don’t feed them sugary foods because they could cause diabetes. Provide your degu with clean water. Their teeth grow constantly, so make sure they are wearing them down. Orange teeth mean a healthy degu: yellow or white suggest a potentially serious pet health care problem.

Another part of pet health care is handling your pet. As long as care is taken, degus can be handled. If you pick them up, hold them gently underneath. Don’t reach for them from above because it might make them nervous. And never, ever pick them up by the tail. Degus’ tails will fall off if they are grabbed there. And it doesn’t regrow. If this happens head to the vet’s as soon as possible.

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