Getting To Know The Ferret Restrictions In Your State

Posted July 22nd, 2010 by gemainz

Ferrets are legal in many areas and are rapidly increasing in popularity as pets. However, some areas, regions and states still have restrictions on owning pets.

While some people may sell ferrets to potential owners this cannot be used as an excuse. The onus is on the pet owner to do the research before getting a ferret so you must make sure you have looked into this first. If you are not sure why it could be a problem then hopefully this should shed some light on the matter.

Ferrets Can Be Misunderstood

Ferrets are getting more well-liked, however they’re not as frequent a sight as dogs or cats. Due to this, folks don’t always understand them. Many people, wrongly, assume that they are similar or associated to rats.

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Others have the incorrect notion that they’re inherently vicious animals, incapable of residing as pets. Ferret owners will know that they are often playful and fun pets, with the right care, but the individuals who make laws in all probability are not ferret owners, unfortunately.

Impression On Wildlife

In some environments ferrets within the wild might trigger great damage to wildlife. In the event that they don’t have any pure predators there have been circumstances, prior to now where ferrets have bred within the wild, inflicting devastation to other animals.

With accountable care the chances of a ferret escaping are minimal. The unhappy actuality is that almost all domestic pet ferrets would battle to survive in the wild, significantly after they have bonded with their owners. The stigma remains, however, as they can be very effective natural hunters, even when this instinct is somewhat dulled by residing with humans.


Historically, rabies concerns have been a significant motive for limiting possession of ferrets. This was primarily based on the concept that ferrets had been a significant spreader of the disease.

More recently, it’s become clearer that ferrets don’t pose a particularly high threat of spreading rabies, although this threat can and must be decreased, even further. That is achieved via immunization.

Responsible pet ownership means immunizing your pets, which for ferrets contains immunizations against rabies. As this is one thing that should all the time be done, many areas have relaxed or eradicated restrictions which had been based on this fear.

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Do not forget that rabies immunization is usually a legal requirement. It also protects the well being of your ferret.

What Can Be Achieved If Ferrets Are Illegal Or Restricted In My Area?

The responsible thing is to lobby, legally, for change. Joining a ferret enthusiast’s group or writing to your local politician would be good methods to press for change. Become more knowledgeable on the topic, so as to perceive the explanation for restriction, in addition to any factors which you are feeling may enable pet ferrets to be accommodated.

Remember that many areas have changed their views on ferrets in the last few decades. There are far less restricted or illegal areas, for ferrets, than there were in the past.

Make sure that you do all the required checks first though as it is only to the benefit of the ferrets themselves and there is typically good reason why a law would be in place in your area.

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