Good dog food

Posted August 24th, 2011 by gemainz

You pet dog is falling ill generally and you wonder what is the main reason powering doing so happening due to the fact you are leading every doable step which includes leading assistance of a good vet time to time. Reason may be that you are not delivering good dog food to your beloved pet. If you want your pet’s health to be fit and fine then you need to provide him good quality food. This doesn’t mean always that giving costly food is the only option. Some time, a cheap food source has been found more effective then the costly dog food if has been mixed with good quality of food ingredients. The main reason of worry for you is the availability of vital nutrients in your dog’s food rather then it being the costly one because your dog needs nutrients rather then heavy amount of food. A small quantity of nutritious dog food is enough and it keeps the pet healthy and active. On the other hand if you feed your pet in good amount but the food does not contain enough nutrients then it will not only make your dog obese but very lazy also. This proves that providing good dog food is more essential which contains all the necessary nutritious ingredients then giving it any normal food in good amount which is deprived of vital nutrients.

Now, we will discuss here that what the balanced diet of a pet dog is. First thing is water. Water is very essential for your pet and it can not be replaced with milk although it is necessary but in small amount only. If you feed it more then required amount of milk or looking to complete the water requirement by giving milk then it may cause diarrhea in the dog. Then comes calcium and if it is a puppy is a pregnant dog then its important increases. Protein is the next important requirement in good dog food for the pet simply because generate your pet’s bone strong and healthy.

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