Dogs are like small kids, they always seek attention from their owners. Dog separation anxiety is often the major problem dog owners are experiencing with their new puppies. New dogs are afraid to be left alone just like your kids do not to be left alone at home. They feel panicky once the owner leaves and start to do strange things that will catch their owner’s attention.

Dogs may be thinking that if they do undesirable things while their owner is away, the owner will decide to just stay home the next day and never leave them alone anymore. Common undesirable actions of dog with separation anxiety are urinating everywhere in your house, pooping on furniture’s, whining and squirming restlessly, gnawing on things in your house and digging
Dog experts say that there are several dog separation anxiety cures and techniques that are proven to be effective. Dogs can quickly register the signs that their owner is about to leave the house as they are very observant.

Some of the owner’s actions that they consider signs of him leaving are wearing footwear, unlocking the doors, and the sound of the keys being grabbed. Once they hear and see these signs, immediately the dog rushes to the door to delay the owner or to go out, following him wherever he may go. So the house must be left by the dog owners unnoticed.

It is not so easy to leave unnoticed. Dog’s sight and hearing are not like humans. It maybe too late for the owner to try to leave unnoticed as theirs are very sensitive. So here are a few methods that you can do to reduce, and even eliminate the dog’s anxiety and panic every time you leave the house. Take your dog out for a stroll before leaving the house, making the dog exhausted after.

Before going out the house give the dog food. It will keep the dog busy for a while and can also make it sleepy. Make it a practice that you do all the things that you think your dog consider as signs of you leaving, then leave and come back after a very short period of time. Having done those he gets used to it and will no longer think you are leaving the house and that way, your dog will become less and less panicky when he sense those things.

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