Domestic kittens can quickly select up ear mites from other cats, either in the home or in the outdoors. This common pest will cause irritation and itching, causing the infested cat to scratch at the ears constantly. It is a particular problem in multi cat households, and when cats are allowed outdoors. This is quite uncomfortable for your cat, and should be looked after as soon as possible.

Upon inspection of the inside of the ears, you may notice a brown, waxy substance. This could be ear mites, their eggs and feces in the ears. It is easy to see why this can be irritating to your pet, and proper treatment is necessary to ensure they are eradicated as soon as possible. Cotton swabs should not be used to attempt removal of this, as serious damage to the ears can result. This should always be done by a qualified veterinarian.

In advanced or prolonged cases, the cat may have scratch enough to cause damage from the nails. Ears may bleed and have cuts and sores that can be painful. An infection can result if the open areas are not cleaned and treated with an antiseptic preparation. Keep hind nails clipped throughout the treatment of ear mites to prevent the cat from further damaging the ears.

It may be advisable to see your veterinarian for treatment of ear mites. Prescription medication can quickly and successfully treat them, and are only available from a vet. They can also clean the ears and remove any build up that may have resulted from the mites.

If a veterinary trip is not possible, some owners can have success using mineral oil. This oil is sparingly dropped into ears and gently massaged. It works to smother and suffocate the mites. Continued treatment is necessary to break the life cycle of the mites.

After two weeks of using the mineral oil, the ear mites should be eradicated. During treatment the ears can be wiped with a Kleenex to clear out build up. Treat each cat in the house to ensure there is not a cross infection between them, requiring treatment to be started over from the beginning.

These ear mites can be effectively treated and eliminated at home, as prolonged as it is completed properly. Ensure that the treatment is adequately long enough to guarantee elimination all eggs and mites. If this technique fails, see your veterinarian to make certain the problem is appeared soon after as soon as possible.

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