How to Choose Your Tropical Fish

Posted June 27th, 2010 by gemainz

Knowing how you can choose your new tropical fish is going to be one of the most essential points you ever do in this new hobby. But how can you tell which are the best fish for your tank? This might be the question I will answer for you personally in this article.

The first point we need to talk about might be the temperament of your fish. There are only three main different temperaments a fish can have. Here they’re:

Social breeds. These breeds of fish will get along with any other type of fish. Some from the most typical fish to fit on this category are Danios, Tetras, Guppies, Swordtails, Mollies and Corydoras and Betta Fish.

Semi-social breeds. These breeds can comfortably be kept along with other fish that are of equal size without having them showing indicators of aggression. Think of fish like Barbs, Angelfish and Gouramis.

Aggressive breeds. These breeds of fish must always be kept by themselves, or at most, in pairs with another fish of the exact same breed. An instance of these kind of fish will be Male Bettas, Oscars and Jewelfish.

If you’ve got a great nearby pet shop, they ought to be capable to provide you with additional guidance on what type of fish you are capable to maintain with each other. A great query to ask the pet employees is when the fish have been kept in quarantine for a minimum of two weeks before being available for sale.

If they haven’t been quarantined the fish will be much a lot more susceptible to illness and early death if they are already exposed to higher amounts of stress (for example becoming on an airplane) without having a couple of weeks rest time.

One more essential thing to search for inside a fish is its colour. You want to choose a fish that has a dense and well-defined color. If the fish consists of a pattern, check to see there isn’t any indicators of blurring between colors.

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