When the lost dog or cat is your own, it’s difficult to think straight. A pet is a member of your family, after all. Having a plan in place results in the best possible outcome for lost dogs and cats, and that plan should include the use of an alert system such as PetAmberAlert.com. The following “How to: Find Your Lost Dog or Cat With PetAmberAlert.com” article will prepare you for the unfortunate event of your dog or cat getting lost.


As soon as you discover your pet has gone missing, designate family members and friends to search the neighborhood. This is best done by car, as a pet can travel a great distance in a short amount of time. While your searchers are out, go to PetAmberAlert.com to begin the process of sending out a lost dog or cat alert. PetAmberAlert.com has three levels of alerts: poster, phone and the combined poster/phone alert.


The combined poster/phone alert combines all of the services of the alert system and is your best bet. Prices for this alert begin at $100, and the alert includes the design of a poster featuring a photo of your pet, its name, age, breed, color and location last seen, plus your contact info. Within a day, PetAmberAlert.com faxes and emails the poster to up to 500 local businesses and organizations – veterinary offices and hospitals, animal shelters, rescue groups and pet stores – within a 10- to 70-mile radius. It also goes to your local animal-control lost dog shelter, days before the designated euthanasia/adoption hold expires.


The alert also goes out by phone. Upon reporting your lost dog or cat, PetAmberAlert.com notifies up to 10,000 of your neighbors and nearby residents via a personalized recorded message. The message contains all of the information found on the poster.


PetAmberAlert.com has the largest and most accurate database for these purposes in the United States and Canada. As an emergency response service, it also is exempt from the National Do Not Call Registry. When it comes to finding a lost dog or cat, PetAmberAlert.com covers more ground in a day than you could in weeks. The success rate for lost dogs and cats, whether found by a neighbor or at the lost dog shelter, is 85 percent when the alert goes out within the first week.


Before your pet becomes lost, consider purchasing PetAmberAlert.com’s ID Tag and Protection Program. The tag allows you to preregister your pet with the alert system, saving valuable time in the search. For more information about the alert system for lost dogs and cats and the protection program, visit PetAmberAlert.com or call the service’s emergency hotline 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (877) 875-7387.


About the Author: Dolly Mello writes about pet-related issues for a variety of publications. She recently learned about PetAmberAlert.com through a neighbor who used it to find her beloved Boston terrier at the lost dog shelter. The author wouldn’t hesitate to use the service if any of her pets were to go missing. Lost dogs need all the help they can get to return home safely.   

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