How to Properly Use Dog Grooming Clippers

Posted April 21st, 2010 by gemainz

SkilledDog Clippers are trained in schools or undergo apprenticeships to develop their dog grooming abilities. They furthermore must become experts at using dog grooming clippers to create cuts that are breed specific, for instance for cocker spaniels or poodles. They are in some cases a veterinarian’s or a dog owner’s best friend since they have some insight into knowing what is common and what isn’t. But lots of dog owners don’t have the funds for trips to the groomer every two or three weeks, and so they must find out how to use the tools of the trade, in particularDog Clippers, for themselves.

Perhaps you’ve bought some good clippers so you can do more of your dog’s straightforward grooming on your own. That’s a commendable thing to do, because lots of dogs find trips to the groomer to be nerve-racking. Not to mention that frequent trips to the groomer can be quite costly. But perhaps you have difficulty with some of the specifics of dog grooming. Simple all-over hair clipping with the dog hair clippers you can do, but what about the complicated spots like the paws, tail, ears, and muzzle? Getting good at taking care of these areas takes a little more practice.

With your dog’s paws, you may simply have to put the dog grooming clippers away and rely on scissors. Most dogs aren’t fond of electric clippers moving around their paws. But they’re usually more agreeable with a couple of cuts of long hair with a good pair of scissors that are used only for dog grooming.

Another tough area to trim is your dog’s tail. You can use the dog grooming clippers down the length of your dog’s back, stopping at the base of his tail. It might make it even easier if you have another person occupy your dog’s attention, by petting him. Keep your dog’s tail straight, but don’t pull. Then with your scissors carefully clip the tail hair to the length you want it. Do this with the top, sides, and bottom of his tail being extra careful not to nick his actual tail. Then, still holding the tail straight, carefully trim the hair on your dog’s hind end. Some dog owners and groomers will then shave the dog’s back end with dog grooming clippers to keep him tidier.

When you’re grooming your dog’s ears and face, you will also need to use care. Picture how you would respond to someone coming close to your face with scissors or dog grooming clippers. Some dogs will allow you to use the dog hair clippers around his neck or ears. To trim around the ears, however, use your scissors. Simply lift and move your dog’s ears up and out of your way as you trim around them. Keep clipping minimal when trimming your dog’s muzzle. Hair hanging down from his jaw can be trimmed carefully with scissors.

One of the most vital steps in the grooming process comes when you’ve put away the dog grooming clippers, brush, and scissors, and that is commending and rewarding your dog for being well behaved while you groom him. This is a good moment for a hug (after all, he’s spick and span!) and perhaps a training treat or dog biscuit. Then you may even take some of that money you’ve saved on groomer’s costs and indulge yourself with a well deserved slice of cheesecake.

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