Personality Of Our Maine Coone

Posted August 30th, 2010 by gemainz

Domestication of Cats

Our Maine Coone, P-4 , was named by my wife. She derived the name P4 from “P for pussy cat”. I got to admit it is original . She was found out by our barn when we lived in Omaha,Ne. She had no identification so we adopted her into our home.   She  took to me and my wife right away . In fact, when anyone comes over to our house she takes to them, too . This is one of the traits of a Maine Coone . They are very sociable and want to be part of the family. Maine Coones are  different from the normal domesticated cat .

She is also very chatty . She is just like a woman, talking all the time in cat talk . particularly when she wants something from you . Like if she wants to go hang out in a wardrobe, she will walk up to the door and meow till you open it. Or if her feed bowl is empty she will meow till you figure out she needs her feed bowl filled.

I mentioned she or Maine Coones want to be part of the family . She likes to lay in our lap and be stroked . In addition, we have a Border Collie who our Maine Coone absolutely adores. It is not uncommon to see the two of them sleeping together on the couch.

The only draw back with our Maine Coone is she gets hair balls frequently. This is do to her long hair. We solved resolved that problem by brushing her frequently. She just loves to be brushed. You can stand by the drawer that holds the brush and she is there begging to be brushed.

We tried many hair brushes till we found the one that does an excellent job in removing cat and dog hair. It is the Furminator and does an excellent job in removing cat and dog hair. Short hair domesticated cats do need as frequent brushing as long hair cats.

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