Pet Memorial Gifts

Posted February 20th, 2011 by gemainz

If you’ve ever had anyone who was close to a pet, and who had a tough time going through the loss when that pet passed away, you know that deciding on a proper condolence can be quite a challenge.  Sometimes, it the idea of it feels odd for some for it’s not anyone yet the owner feels like a relative was lost. An ordinary memorial could feel like an understatement, while something more elaborate may well be over the top.  What pet memorial gifts can truly express your sympathy for your own friend, serving as a possible agent of comfort and healing than a very simple reminder of the pet’s death?

Here are some common ideas for pet memorial gifts:

1. A card of sympathy.  For somebody who doesn’t do well with ceremonies and showiness, a card can be quite a good selection yet might not express fully your true feelings for the occurrence.  Cards can feel trite, and are easily lost or forgotten.

2. Sending Flowers. Another way of showing your sympathy to your own friend is sending flowers as if you are honoring a member of family who just passed away; keep in mind the after these flowers die, so does the memorial.  It may not be good to send or give something that’ll weary or something that reminds your friend the death that might cause more grief to him/her.

3.A donation to a worthy cause or charity in honor of the pet. Example, if the pet was initially rescued from a pet shelter, you may perhaps make a donation to the shelter that your friend got his/her pet.  And if the pet died of a disease, it could be proper if you give your donation to the research that will be working and studying for a cure on it.  This will be a good gift for your friend if they’re the right kind of person, but may well not help much with all the current grief if your friend is the kind who requires a visual connection.

If you prefer to get more creative about pet memorial gifts, however, there exists another option-one that will be the connection point for your friend, do honor to the pet, and help bring healing at one time.  Grave markers and cremation urns simply remind us of death, but art can speak of life and inspiration.  So why wouldn’t you add a element of the pet’s remains in a work of art?

One artist has been doing this by creating a series of original heart-themed paintings, called the Loving Hearts Tribute Series.  She creates a hundred in maximum limited-edition giclee prints made from each original piece; upon selection of the chosen piece, she then hand-finished it with a final coat utilizing the cremains of the pet. In a manner of speaking, the deceased pet becomes natural part of a continuous tribute to life and love, continuing to bring joy long afterwards its life span. This artwork is amongst the most creative pet memorial gifts available, offering your friend a daily reminder while serving as a point of healing from the grief.

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