The PetSafe Ultralight Sonic Bark Collar is the perfect dog training collar for dogs owners who are looking to train their dogs without ever using static shock.  It really is so powerful that it works like a powerful dog whistle.  PetSafe Ultralight Sonic Bark Collar is designed to discourage your dog from barking through the use of audible sound..

The collar’s internal microphone is adjustable so that it can recognize your dog unique barking.  The barking collar also emits a harmless tone that is quite similar to a smoke detector that is used to surprise your dog. By doing so, your dog can understand the negative association between the tone and whining or barking and immediately stop from doing that unwanted behaviour.  The PetSafe Ultralight Sonic Bark Control is very light in weight that it only weighs at almost an once which makes it suitable for a small dog.  

The PetSafe Ultralight Sonic Bark Collar Trainer can be attached to your dog’s existing collar so it will not be bothered or burdened with the weight of two dog training collars.  The device is self activated for automated sound emission so you don’t have a need for a controller unit.  Once you purchase a PetSafe Ultralight Sonic Bark Collar, you get the receiver itself, a manual, a 6 volt battery, and a training video.

PetSafe Ultralight Sonic Bark Control’s mic is adaptable to the sensitivity of your dog’s unique bark and can be set to set-off automatically.  Now PetSafe is also in the business of letting you train your dogs well and understanding why they behave such though its training video Understanding Why Dogs Bark that is included once you purchase the device.  The device includes a limited lifetime warranty on certain parts and services.

Look no further if you want an easy way to train your dog to prevent them from constant barking, PetSafe Ultralight Sonic Bark Control is your choice for you and your dog.  

Harmless yet very efficient, the PetSafe Ultralight Sonic Bark Collar show you not only love your dogs, but you also care for the well being of your family and that of your neighbors.

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