Prevent Garden Mishaps by Training your Puppies

Posted June 23rd, 2011 by gemainz

Puppies are definitely cute and adorable – until they eventually do mischievous and “un-adorable” things. To begin with, young dogs have a terrible habit of digging holes in your garden. You might find your bed of flowers spread all over your lawn; and all you can do is contemplate on how you can prevent this from happening again while puffing a green smoke electronic cigarette. As such, this article will offer you some suggestions on how you can stop puppy digging.

Make sure your dog gets sufficient physical exercise.

It is very unhealthy when your puppy has an inactive lifestyle. Chances are, he will probably get truly bored and might resort to digging holes. In order to avert this, walk your dog each day. Like any human, your pups additionally need mental and actual physical stimulation. Not only that, you also get to connect with your pet and it also tells him that you are his leader.

Distract your dog from digging.

It may well look costly however putting balloons in locations where your pup loves to dig would likely be a great suggestion. Popping noises tend to rattle dogs and it sends them a message that they shouldn’t dig. Apart from bursting balloons, it is possible to also make use of a hose to squirt the dog. This may appear to be a bit too much however it sends a signal to the pup to stop. You may also confine the pup to a place where he cannot dig.

These are places such as the kennel, dog crate or even inside. Chicken wire is additionally a great preventive solution to eliminate digging. This is because young dogs don’t like scraping wire because of the uncomfortable sensation; thus, its effectiveness. Another method – although a little disgusting – is to scoop your puppy’s feces and place it in the location in which he likes to dig. Puppies don’t want to play where they poop so it is a pretty effective approach.

Imitate your dog.

Copy him while digging. Interestingly enough, imitation from the leader (which is you) can send a message to the dog that he shouldn’t be doing that. Simply make sure you don’t do it inside your garden or your backyard. Simply because if worse comes to worse and you just are unable to stop the puppy digging, you are going to need to provide particular areas in which your pup can actually dig. Provide him with a spot that would make both you and your little dog comfortable. Clearly, it should be someplace away from your garden. If they enjoy digging beneath fences, you may also try obstructing them to prevent this from occurring.

Stop puppy digging with these few simple guidelines. Keep in mind that you simply should teach good habits to your puppy while he is younger to avoid difficulties in the future. If these doesn’t work, start checking the Internet or studying some dog books for more ways on stopping your dog from digging and permanently removing the problem forever. You’ll surely have great outcomes when you do these tips diligently; and you’ll prevent yourself from puffing a green smoke electronic cigarette.

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