Things that must be done if the dog dies

Posted April 26th, 2011 by gemainz

The family will certainly be devastated at the death of the family dog. It is not surprising if the death of the pet will deeply affect the family given that dogs are really considered as members of the family. Children form legendary attachment with dogs thus when the pet dies, the children are the most affected. However this is one of inevitable times that have to be faced . This is a good opportunity for the parents to explain to the grieving child the realities of life

About six hours after the death, the dog will start to smell as the body begins to decompose. Preparations therefore for the disposal of the body must be done before the smell permeates the whole house. Rigor mortis makes the limbs difficult to manipulate thus any necessary preparations for the body must be done before it has stiffened. This way you can easily position the body to prevent breakage. After death; the muscles loosen up causing body fluids to leak. Before storing the body, you need to remove excrement from the mouth and from the anal and genital area of the dog. Position the limbs so that it will appear as if the dog is sleeping all curled up. Wrap the body with a blanket before placing it in a garbage bag.

An owner can choose how the body of the pet can be disposed. If space is available, the dog can be buried in the garden. A simple funeral service will not only allow a child to say goodbye to the pet but put a closure to the sad experience. A meaningful message on a simple headstone will signify the resting place of a dear loyal friend . If garden burial is not available you can have the remains cremated or buried in a pet cemetery.

You can have the body of the dog stored in a pet cemetery or a veterinary facility while arrangement for the pet’s burial are being made . You can have the dog buried in one of the lots offered by pet cemeteries. Similar to human cemeteries, these animal graveyards are beautiful and well administered resting places.

A pet owner can also choose to have the remains of the pet cremated. Pet crematoriums will do all the arrangements from picking up the body to spreading the ashes . Owners wishing to keep the ashes of the pet can have it delivered in an urn. The thought that the pet will stay with the family is comforting to owners that have formed a strong bond with the pet.

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