Three Things You Can Do To Prevent Dog Barking

Posted November 24th, 2010 by gemainz


Does your canine bark at anybody or anything? Does he even bark at even the smallest noise that you yourself can’t notice?

Then, your canine may possibly be suffering from a barking trouble. Barking may possibly perhaps be the dog’s natural way of communicating but if he barks incessantly and inappropriately, effectively, you much much better take some actions as this will probably be a trouble between you and your neighbours. You will need to be wondering how will you get him to cease.

Dog Barking Problems

Well, fret not. Here are some surefire solutions that will certainly decrease your dog’s barking. You’ll discover two ways where you’ll be able to quit barking- Hindrance and Training. Nevertheless, it really is far more successful in case you use both.

Some Ideas To Reduce Barking

Keep some treats in your pocket whilst out on a walk. If your pet starts barking excessively perhaps at another dog or anything that you deem unreasonable, command him to stop in a loud, clear voice. Continue to hold your own, and command him to stop. Once he stops and comes over to you, give him a treat and give praise. Be sure to do this as much as possible when your pet quits barking on your command. Soon, he will stop the instant he hears that calm, strong ‘Stop’ command as he knows he will get a treat. After a few weeks, you can stop giving the treat every other time, and then stop it altogether, and your pet will still behave well.
Prevent Dog Barking
If you have a dog that has aggressive tendancies, then you could resort to a more forceful method. This is considered a last-resort, so should only be used by exasperated owners with big, uncontrollable dogs. You can buy a collar that sprays citronella or other pungent smelling substances each time the dog barks. He soon associates it with a terrible smell and will stop quite quickly.

Remove the triggers. Whilst training goes someway to helping your dog, there is no easy fix for hundreds of years worth of territorial defensive work. Your pet has an instinct to protect territory and his master (you), and you may not always be around to reassure him etc. In this case, try to keep your pet out of the way. E.g. If you leave him in the yard, see if you can find another space away from pavements etc where your dog will not see as many triggers.

These solutions are pretty easy and powerful. You do not want your puppy to quit barking altogether, you only want him to bark reasonably.
How To Stop Dog Barking
Never ever resort to the debarking treatements that are offered by some individuals. That is inhumane. Dogs wish to bark and you ought to permit them. All you have to do is to control his barking and you’re all excellent.


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