Tips to Find a Home for Your Pet

Posted December 22nd, 2010 by gemainz

Due to circumstances beyond your control, there may come a time when you cannot look after your pets any more. As heartbreaking as it may be, ill health, relocation and financial circumstances sometimes mean we have to say goodbye to our trusted furry companions. Think of it as a chance to give another caring family time with your wonderful pet, and plan ahead to make the decision easier.

Call on Friends and Family

Your first step should be to approach family and friends. They know your pet, and may have befriended them already. Neighbors with children who have played with your dog for years may be willing to take the pet into their home, as they know the animal well. Finding a home in your area will help the dog make the transition to its new owners as well.

Your Veterinarian may Find a Home

Your veterinarian may know of good homes looking for a new addition if friends and family cannot help. They will know of families that have recently lost a pet, and will be able to advise on the suitability of the home as well.

A good shelter will take your pet in and care for it while they work to find a suitable home. Run by volunteers who are animal lovers as well, reputable shelters screen new homes and families to ensure that your pet goes to the best possible home. Your veterinarian should have a few good shelters they can recommend.

Pet adoption websites help pets find new owners. Although you will have to reveal personal details on the site, this can be a good method to find your pet a new home. Be sure to talk to people who have used the website first before joining up.

The Problem Pet

There are situations where pets that are not well-behaved are abandoned by their owners who have lost their patience and ability to care for the animal. Animals left to fend for themselves on the streets are often vulnerable to diseases such as rabies; abuse, starvation, and exposure. Before you take this drastic step, consider working with a trainer. Professionals exist throughout the country who can work with your animal to instill changes in attitude and offer solutions to its behavioral problems. The issue may also be related to a medical condition such as an allergy, so a doctor should be consulted.

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