What Food Is Your Small Pet Eating?

Posted May 30th, 2010 by gemainz

It’s crazy, but did you know that the obesity rate among animals is actually rising? It’s is and at an alarming rate. This mainly has to do with what you are feeding your pet because unfortunately our pets diet have become worse as well.

Most of the big pet food makers use the worst pieces of food scraps to make their foods, and that plays a huge part in not just the health of your small pet but also the weight.

Here are tips to keep your pet at a healthy weight and living a healthy life.

Spend a little extra by choosing an all-natural pet food. You would not want to eat a diet filled with pure fat and things that increase your risk of cancer, and you shouldn’t do that to your family pet either.
Don’t keep a constant food supply in your pet’s cage. I have a friend who keeps a full bowl of food in his chinchilla cage and yet he wonders why the little guy is chunky!

Make sure you play with them on a daily basis. Pets need exercise too so make sure you let them move around and get out from just hanging in their cage all day.

Look into pet supplements to make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need. I would consult with a vet on this, but it’s definitely something you should look into.

All of these things will really help your pet stay healthy and avoid becoming an obese pet.

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