Where To Get Your Pet Turtle

Posted June 26th, 2010 by gemainz

There is something unique about pet turtles. There is diversity of species and they may require  different pet care conditions. These quiet and nice animals  require a certain environment to feel happy, and you have to  arrange everything so that they don’t miss their wild habitat (although that is not  easy at all). You should be aware  of some health issues related to pet turtles, and get information on the feeding rules you must follow. An artificially  created home needs a bit of research on your part so that you cover all the living  conditions for pet turtles.

Move pet turtles carefully  when you clean the box or the aquarium in which they live. The permanent and  temporary homes ought to be well secured as pet turtles may get out and end  up in who knows what house area. Be extremely attentive with this aspect  particularly if you need to transport pet turtles to another location. Water quality and  temperature will also be important aspects of pet  care. Even when you have semi aquatic pet turtles like red eared sliders, you have  to provide good quality water to swim and drink.

The water temperature is the biggest challenge of pet care for turtles. Turtles tolerate cool water better than hot  water, therefore you should try and prevent overheating. Pet turtles get sluggish in hot water. The same safety measures and water temperature conditions ought to be  followed when you transport the turtles or you travel at a longer distance. Take  water heating or cooling measures whenever necessary!

Pet turtles are great if you don’t have too much time with animal care. They are pretty monotonous creatures, and it’s difficult if not  impossible to bond with them. Respect them as they are and consider them your silent friends. Some people would  even advise you to take some pets with warmer blood if you want to get a reaction  from them. Otherwise they just look nice. On the other hand it feels unfair if we  think that pet turtles pay with their freedom this decorative function you attribute  to them. Not the best deal!

In case you decide to get pet turtles, find out more about their diet, check with  the pet store, learn whether you can feed them food from your meals and whether they  need special treats occasionally. Moreover,  The Internet  offers so much valuable information; take advantage of it.

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