Why To Opt For Quaker Bird As A Pet?

Posted April 19th, 2010 by gemainz

When it is about choosing a pet, you have more than just one option to go in for. if you’re looking for a pet that is relatively easy going and requires less care then birds are a great option.Though there are plenty of birds that you can have as pets, there are a couple that make for better options. The Quaker bird is one of them. These are some of the top reasons why you must have this bird as a pet.

If you are a connoisseur of beauty, you have no reason to point out no to Quaker bird as a pet. These birds are highly pretty to look at. The green color adds on to the charm of the Quaker bird more.On top of that Quaker birds have blue feathers which make for a fascinating mix. Some also have colours like gray on the areas like chest and face. The peculiar contrast of colours makes the Quaker bird one of the most beautiful birds ever. Some more options that you can go in for Quaker birds are blue, white and yellow.

The look isn’t so makes the Quaker birds a great choice. These birds also have a unique personality of their own. The bird easily adjusts in a family environment. And you can train the bird in specialized abilities for interplay with members of your folks.Another crucial thing is that Quaker bird makes a very loyal pet. With proper training the bird will start replying to defined words and signs. The bird will definitely impress you with its enthralling and innocent ways and acts.

Regardless of the pet you intend to own, you must be very careful about the food you give to your pet. The same goes for the Quaker bird too but this bird pet eases a lot of concerns associated with the diet. Since it is not a fussy eater, you don’t have to worry about what to feed it with. Quaker birds do well with a bunch fresh fruits and veg.You can also give them seeds, grains, pastas and legumes. However, make sure that you avoid giving them avocado, rhubarb, caffeine, chocolate or alcohol.

Another important thing that people consider when they bring in a pet is the lifetime of the pet. This is one point that makes the Quaker bird a good choice.As of now, the average life span of a Quaker bird is accepted to be anywhere between 20 to thirty years. As against this, you’ll generally come across pets which do not have such long life spans. Dogs, for example, live just above ten years,cats sometimes live 7 odd years.

The above discussed reasons are acceptable to persuade the general public to take a Quaker bird as their pet. So what are you waiting for, get one for yourself immediately!

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