Useful Tips on Keeping Rabbits Safe and Warm In Winter

Posted September 24th, 2011 by gemainz

Rabbits do not adapt well in extreme weather, during the hot summer months a lot of them succumb to the heat.  In winter, they are susceptible to being frozen to death or suffer from cold related illnesses.  You need to prepare them for the cold months long before its onset.  There are several things that you can do to keep them warm and comfortable even during the cold months.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that the rabbit hutch is located in a well protected and sheltered place preferably away from where the wind blows.  It should be made of strong and sturdy materials and should have tin roofing.  If you have a wooden hutch with wire sidings and flooring for your rabbits, you can cover the sides with canvas that can be rolled up during fair weather and rolled down at night and in extreme cold or on a windy day.

Keeping your rabbits dry should be a priority. Even if they are protected by their thick fur against the cold, once their skin gets wet, they will have a hard time keeping warm.  Make sure that their water containers are securely in place to avoid getting it knocked over and getting the rabbits wet.  This is why a hutch with a wire mesh floor is good, if water is spilled, it falls directly down on the ground.  This is also true for other waste matters and spilled food.  A tray is usually placed under the hutch to hold the spilled matters.  Just ensure that the tray is always emptied to keep the hutch clean.

Providing your rabbits with water can be a challenge during the cold months.  Water freezes easily during winter and it is better to put their drinking water in a container that has a large opening like a dish rather than in a bottle or tube.  Heat the dish before giving water to your rabbits to keep water from freezing longer.  Fill the dish with fresh clean water everyday to ensure a constant supply of water for your rabbits to keep them from getting dehydrated.

Lastly, you need to provide your rabbits with a nesting box where they can fit well.  Line the box with straw for insulation to give your rabbits warmth during winter and keep their feet from freezing as they sleep.

Extreme weather can really harm your rabbits and it is up to you to provide them with a safe and comfortable hutch especially during cold and windy days.

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Bird Watching – A Hobby with A Cause

Posted September 23rd, 2011 by gemainz

Bird watching as a hobby has long been contested by the birders, saying that the two are not in any way the same. While birdwatchers do such as part of an activity during recreation, birders are into it with intense dedication.

The Birders
May it be in the UK or in the United States, birders say that what they are doing is far from just a pastime or a relaxation thing. For them, they do such to study not only the species of birds but also their patterns. They don’t base their analogies on mere observation and they invest on the latest optical equipments to strengthen their claims.

Instead of going where the birdwatchers usually go, the birders are always on the lookout for new and unexplored sites, hoping to find more information. They would even allot a budget for travel, however far it will take them, just to expand their knowledge and to discern a lot more about the subject that they are most interested about, birds.

The Birdwatchers
These people go about bird watching by only observing with their eyes. They may also opt for binoculars but aren’t really focusing on the technology. They wouldn’t care if their apparels are not the latest in the market, they can even go about without those gadgets. What’s important is that they get a sense of fulfillment from what they are doing, they get to relax, see the birds and enjoy the sights.

The birdwatchers couldn’t care less where they do their stuff. They would even do it on their own backyards or just go to nature reserves nearest to them. If they happen to be on vacation, they can do it wherever they are, whenever they please to do it. These people has the love for the birds but don’t really want to take that feeling further by going the scientific route, because by doing so, they might miss out the fun that they intend to have.

The Right Time
Bird watching on regions that have temperate weather are most active in the spring and fall migrations. During such time, the widest array of birds could be seen as these birds relocate northbound or southbound in trying to find nesting sites.

For the hobbyists and professionals, it is advisable to do the act in the early morning where the birds are looking for food. This way, observation can be done at a lengthier time and you can see them easily while they are onto their task.

This type of bird watching is for people who would go near coastal areas to find watch points like the headland to be able to see the birds flying over to the sea. The birds that can be observed from such are called the pelagic kinds. The pelagic species of birds can also be observed when one is aboard a seagoing vessel.

Proper Etiquette
Whether you’re a birder or a birdwatcher, you should always look out for the wellbeing of the birds and also have some positive notes on what you are doing. You can lead the way to promote cleanliness of the environment so that the natural habitat for this kind wouldn’t be harmed. Also, you should be vigilant about the latest technology when you use them as part of the activity, that it won’t affect the birds in a negative manner.

Bird watching may just be a hobby but one that must be done with passion and concern about the birds and their welfare.


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Just What Is A Hanging Pet Food Dispenser?

Posted September 20th, 2011 by gemainz

Keeping pet food away from creatures that are not supposed to be there, eating food on the ground or floor has been a problem since people began gathering and storing their food. In olden days people would store their food in bags and hang them from ropes tied outside on a tree or inside from the ceiling to guard from the many insects and predators. Leaving food out and exposed on the floor in your own home or in the yard is just trying for uninvited insects and rodents to come for a visit. Hanging pet food dispensers have been in existence quite a long time, because they keep food away from any insects or vermin searching for food. Regardless of whether or not your pet is fed outside in the backyard, or inside the house keeping food out and available for them also makes it accessible to anything at all just walking by. By hanging your pet food in bowls mounted to the wall you will have avoided the majority of the problem.

Not merely automatic pet food dispenser beneficial to our environment by keeping the insect and rodent population at bay, they are ergonomically sound and gives the animal with a much healthier way of eating their meals.  Additionally, it gives you peace of mind realizing that your loving pet is not consuming food swarmed with insects or perhaps nibbled on by rodents, keeping your pet healthier. Additionally, it discourages any kind of insect making their way into your house to enjoy the constant food supply supplied by your pet’s bowl.

It isn’t natural for a family pet to eat with its head down to the ground while it is chewing and swallowing. Most veterinarians suggest raising your pet ‘s dish up to the height that is suitable for their particular breed so they can digest their food easier. But not only is the added height more comfortable to your family pet while they’re eating, it also keeps the area much cleaner. And for dogs with back or neck problems hanging the pet food dispenser from your wall makes swallowing less difficult for them. It may also help lessen choking, gagging, gulping and excessive air intake, and is perfect to maintain the overall health of your pet.

Your pet will be healthier and happier once you give them a hanging pet food dispenser attached to your wall. You will be assured that the insects and rodents have gone somewhere other than your pet now cleaner feeding area for their food supply.

When making the decision to buy dry food dispenser for your pet which mounts to your wall make sure that the bowl is the suitable dimension for the breed of pet you have. Additionally, just be sure you hang it at a height which is most comparable for the pet. Installing a hanging pet food dispenser is really a sound way to make the environment cleaner and healthier for you and your pet.

Grain free dog food

Posted September 20th, 2011 by gemainz

One much more option just before you in picking the best dog super food is grain free dog food. Its popularity among dog owners is increasing because they have found that a lot of allergies, skin related diseases and digestion problem has ameliorated after using this food but, here too you should consult your vet doctor before choosing this dog food because not all the breeds are comfortable with this variety. Now, we will discuss the benefits of grain free dog food one by one here. Dogs are carnivorous animals and there natural habitat is wild. They mostly prey smaller animals and eat them raw. This does not include much carbohydrate. In the process of eating wild animals they also gobble plant remains found in the body of prey. This is there only source of grain consumption. This proves that grain is not there natural diet. They get all there nutrition requirement from this raw meat. But almost all the available commercial dog food brands include much grain in there dog food. As fast food is considered unhealthy for humans because it increases sugar level in your blood, similarly dogs too can’t digest grains properly which increases sugar in there blood significantly. It has also been found in several medical researches that dogs are allergic against grain consumption. If your dog suffers from grain allergy then it will start suffering from some infections like ear infection also start licking his paw. This shows that your dog is having grain related allergy. You should immediately reduce the amount of grain from dog’s staple to control this occurrence.

On the other hand if you do not provide grain free dog food to the pet afterwards the expense on dog’s food can increase simply because meats are costlier to give on regular foundation and if you are a vegetarian afterwards managing that super food regime is additionally really difficult. Grain totally free food comprises elevated amount of complete protein that should solely be ingested adequately if the dog is very energetic and if he normally requires part in packs after that it’s a boon normally he may turn out to be fatty.

Azores Cattle Dog – Portugal’s rare dog breed

Posted September 19th, 2011 by gemainz

A large dog rustic dog seen speedily weaving in and out between the cattle to bring a runaway back to the herd would be an impressive sight. Obviously, the dog has the courage of an outstanding herding dog. The square shaped muscular body is covered with short sleek fur that can be grey, brindled or fawn in color. Although the dog is larger in size than other herding dogs, the size does not make it less agile. In fact its elegant and efficient herding ability is seldom seen in other herding dogs. This very rare breed that is seldom seen outside Portugal is the Azores Cattle Dog.

 From the time it was created and up to the present, the Azores Cattle Dog has always been a most valued dog that has an outstanding ability to herd unruly cattle. Back in the 15th century, Sao Miguel Island, the biggest island in the Azores is densely covered with vegetation. The sailors of Prince Henry have decided to take advantage of the rich plant life by bringing cattle to the island. In fourteen years, the cattle that were left on the island have flourished and grown into unmanageable herds. To take the issue in hand, it was decided that a breed of dog with excellent herding qualities must be developed.

The Azores Cattle Dog also known as Cao Fila De Sao Miguel was developed from the Fila de Terceira breed. This breed was crossed with molloser type dogs creating an outstanding herding dog that was given the name Azores Cattle Dog. The breeds existence was documented since the 1800s.

This dog has an inherent herding ability thus very little training is necessary to make the dog learn the ropes of herding. An Azores Cattle Dog’s aggressive personality is a valuable asset that makes this breed an outstanding guard dog. The primary function of an Azores Cattle Dog is to herd. A herding dog has to have an aggressive temperament to be able to function well thus breeders have made no efforts temper the dog’s aggressive personality.

This breed is a remarkable herder and makes a mean guard dog as well but an Azores Cattle Dog would not be a wise choice of dog for a first time dog owner. This breed would need a dominant owner that will be able to make the dog toe the line and one that will understand the special needs of this breed. It must be realized that an Azores Cattle Dog is first and foremost a working breed. This working dog is obviously not an apartment dweller. An Azores Cattle Dog is an outstanding breed especially if made to guard and to herd.

3 Tips on Fresh Water Fishing

Posted September 17th, 2011 by gemainz

The key in order to success is by the planning.  For you have to understand the required steps and what’s best to be refrained from doing.  An excellent plan or guide or a few tips can assist you to reach your targets.  Listed below are Several helpful hints which will help you to achieve your objectives.  Follow these tips along with your chances for achievement are going to be considerably increased.

When you’re thinking of freshwater fishing, you need to understand that it is really crucial that you can get on an appropriate observe initially, and stay targeted after it.  Should explore, the effects might be regrettable..  It can turn out which you end up fatigued and disappointed, and with no catch whatsoever.

Listed here is a group of three of techniques to stop in which from taking place..

1.  Pay attention

You will have to take notice since  you could have a bite there also it could get aside if you permit your attention drift.  To not get this completed might cause your fish to get away.  So don’t fall up and skip more than this important suggestion!

Two.  Follow your intuition

Almost as essential as paying attention due to the fact when you are working together with freshwater fishing it is stick to your predatory instincts.  You need to plainly recognize that this is vital.  If you’re feeling that there is a tad, reel it in! Do not play contact and go, because if you are doing, your bass might get apart, and that is some thing everybody engaged in freshwater fishing doesn’t want.

3.  Sharpen your hooks

Lastly, when freshwater fishing, you will want to be sure you that you sharpen the hooks.  This can sort out catching your own fish, the vitally important element of freshwater fishing.  If you do not, you might just shed your catch for the day — and that i believe we can concur that this would not be a very important thing!

As I described at the start, regarding freshwater fishing, you will really need to be sure you by no means make the kind of mistakes which could make you fatigued and frustrated, perhaps even going home without any catch whatsoever.  What you want is definitely an enjoyable moment with lots of fish biting on, and you can get that result simply by closely taking on the above tips.


Buying Pet Medication Online And Its Advantages

Posted September 17th, 2011 by gemainz

To begin with, people who are not prepared to give pets enough love, attention and care should not have one. Especially when it is a fact that one of the biggest expenses involved in having pets will be looking after its health. Whether your pet is suffering from a long or short term health problem, they still deserve to be given the best health care by the people who own them. But as what was previously mentioned, pet medication, especially for long term illnesses, can get very expensive. And this is why there are a number of pet owners who look for affordable ways to give proper health care and treatment to their pets without having to spend a lot of money. Thus bringing us to the subject of buying these health care products for pets from online providers.

And you will find that there are indeed quite a lot of advantages of buying these kinds of products online. The first of these advantages is that buying online is a lot more convenient and quicker; because the pet medicine will be delivered directly to your house, there is no need to worry about your pet missing out on a dosage because the vet forgot to order the meds or something. But it is the big savings on cost which takes the cake as far as the advantages of buying these products online go. You will find that there are several websites that sell these products online and sell them at a much lower cost; especially with prescription meds. On the other hand, non prescription medication or vitamins and even pet toys and grooming products are also available and are delivered directly wherever you specified.

And the advantages can go on and on. Although buying pet medicines online does have a lot of advantages, there are still a few things that you need to do first before you place your orders. One of these things is that you need to remember that self prescribing is dangerous; never try to give medications or even vitamins to your pets without clearing it with your vet first. You need to keep in mind that like your own children, your pets can have allergic reactions and complications from medications that aren’t suited to them and their medical history. Always consult with your vet first before trying any product on your pet since they are familiar with your pet’s medical history and can tell which should be allowed for your pets and which ones should not be given to your pet at all.

Why Your Canine Ought to Have A Great Canine Home

Posted September 15th, 2011 by gemainz

Everyone is aware of that a canine home is a crucial product for any family that has a pooch. Nevertheless, not all homes for doggies are created equally. Why not spend cash on one thing additional particular in your pet? There are lots of progressive designs available on the market in the present day otherwise you possibly can actually have a canine house personalized made to suit your specific tastes.

The customized doghouse should not be actually a model new concept. Folks have been constructing their very personal properties for pets for years now. Nevertheless, there have not at all been such splendidly made constructions or modern designs as there are now. Why put collectively one thing out of scrap picket when you’ll be able to have an expensive canine house constructed to your specifications.

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This technique is ideal for the home owner that takes enjoyment of his property. You can have a personalized constructed canine dwelling created to copy your personal home. It is a wonderful strategy for letting your pet know that he’s truly one in every of many household members. The matching homes perform a shocking reminder.

Maybe you need one factor just a little different. Some designers present fantastic duplexes which have turned the concept of the canine residence on its scruffy little ear. People who private a variety of canines don’t have to worry that they are exhibiting favoritism. The duplexes are nice selections for properties which have a couple of canine.

While you reside in an area that has a altering local weather or any excessive temperatures, you possibly can rest assure that your pooch may be heat and comfy must you choose a successfully made and successfully insulated canine house. There are loads excessive-of-the-line merchandise accessible that present a comfortable house in your pet it doesn’t matter what the conditions are outdoors.

You really want to search for a nicely insulated unit that gives some type of flooring inside the canine house. The additional funding is nicely definitely worth the snug advantages in your pet. Flooring is typically produced from a sturdy materials like vinyl and your pooch will love you in your thoughtfulness.

And in relation to supplies for the outer structure of the canine home, you have bought a great deal of alternatives to consider. My express favorite is the cedar canine houses that are quite stunning. Nevertheless, there are numerous completely different sorts, designs and materials to contemplate as well.

By no means before have we had so many options in this kind of product. As we communicate’s dog home is an element of enjoyment, just as our priceless furry companions are.

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Collecting Frogs For Fun

Posted September 14th, 2011 by gemainz

The idea of a collection of frog keepsakes seems to be gaining in popularity.  There is no real rhyme or reason to this fascination that some people have.  It could be that people do not have as many of the natural habitats to study anymore.  It could also because a person finds the frog to be a beautiful creature that looks good in their home. There are plenty of places for people to find out about this hobby including the site, and That is where people can start there collection and all of the fun that surrounds it.  Companies are providing plenty of items for the collectors to choose from.  Frogs adorn many things that are not even related to frogs, for example, it is amazing how many companies have a frog in their logo or their letterhead and business card.  People have made almost all household items with frogs somehow attached, and there are frog calendars, diaries and other paper products decorated with frogs.  The frogs that can be found can be made of almost any material.  The possibilities for finding that perfect piece are limitless.
Collectible frogs can be found for sale in a variety of retail locations.  Another way is to check out your local yard sales to see what other people have bought in the past.  A person can add to their collection and is only stopped by their budget and the willingness to hunt out the items.  There are frog collector’s newsletters available on the internet and they are easy to find,  using any search engine using the term Collectible Frogs which demonstrates the passion of a frog collector that they want others to continually join them. A person could do many other things that are not as good.

One of the keys to maintaining a good collection is to find some way to keep a record of what is in your collection and to maintain the condition of the items as best as is possible.  When a person is trying to collect various items they need to have some method of keeping track of the items that they own and some method of keeping them in the best shape that they can.  As there are no international standards for frog collecting, the cataloging needs to be personal and descriptive.  Use whatever electronic means available, so that the entire collection is recorded.  It is always helpful to know what is in your collection as this will help you decide about future additions and whether they are needed or worthy of spending money on.  Collectors can usually spend any amount of money that is available.  Set a budget, so that you can still eat.

The storage of frog figurines and ornaments can become a challenge, particularly, if the collector wants to display all the items. Frogs are a great thing to display, but care should be exercised when a person is going to put them out to make sure that they are not damaged or over handled by admirers and the elements.

Collecting Frogs – a Fun Hobby for All Ages means that none of these challenges are really too big for the avid collector, until the collection is really large, and whatever is done, it should be done with enjoyment and fun. People should always enjoy their hobbies.  Be aware of the warning signals that mean that the frogs are starting to control your life more than they should.  If someone wants to know where your house is and you tell them on a nearby lily pad, it could mean trouble.  If you live in constant fear of ending up in an aquarium.  When your girlfriend is known as Ms. Piggy, it could be a signal to stop.  If you are scared of going to France. If you find yourself salivating over a winged insect, it is not good.  You may be a collector.  Have fun and enjoy.

Man’s best friend can bring a great deal of joy and affection to anyone who loves animal life. But there are also not-so-pleasant aspects of having a young dog, such as the instances that he does not quite make it outside before he does his business routine.

Oftentimes, it is simply a matter of the pets owner forgetting letting the dog out the door. It also could be that it is because the dog is too young and doesn’t know any better. There is one tried and true way to potty train a puppy that works better than most other methods. Piddle pads or dog training pads are available in with antibacterial action that decrease odors with sealed edges and leak proof backing offer better protection These pads are perfect for housetraining puppies, when leaving small dogs for longer periods of time or for around litter boxes and can be found at discount pet supplies.

Many found an effective way to train a puppy was to smack him with a newspaper every time he made a mess inside and then to put him outdoors. This is negative reinforcement theory at work for potty training.

The only problem with a negative reinforcement method is that it will likely make your feel terrible swatting your puppy.  You may fell like an absolute knuckle head. Another method that absolutely works is that taking the dog out at the same time, three times a day. It works because the dog would get used to going outside and would do its business out there. That is definitely a great idea, but the problem there is that life gets in the way. For stay at home moms it works since they have all day at their disposal.

Some try laying newspapers on the floor and gradually moving them closer to the door each day. Eventually, the dog will go all the way to the back door and then you can just let him out.

By staying disciplined in training you dog you’ll find that a little patience and a lot of newspaper works great. It may take a few days, but there is no negative reinforcement involved, and you do not have to worry about following a tight dog walking schedule. There are even special potty strips and patches available on pet supply stores for those that need their dog to go potty indoors.