Kennel Cough – Symptoms

April 26th, 2009

By Tess Thompson   Kennel cough in dogs  is a fairly common condition. It occurs when a dog comes in contact with or is near an infected dog. The most likely time when this can occur is when the dog has been kenneled for a period of time.   However, being kenneled is not the […]

By Tess Thompson   Dog Aggression  is normally the result of improper training that is incomplete or inconsistent. The best time to train a dog is before he turns five months old. As his age increases, the difficulty in training him also increases as habits and reflexes get conditioned. Dogs tend to aggressively assert their […]

By Tess Thompson A large number of companion dogs live inside the house and are trained to urinate out in the open. When such dogs start urinating or dribbling in the house, it is time for owners to visit the veterinarian for a thorough check up of the urinary tract for any signs of bacterial […]

By Tess Thompson   Bladder stones are fairly common in domestic pets and are linked with urinary tract infection in dogs  and urinary tract infection in cats. Besides urinary infection in dogs, changes in the pH balance, over saturation of urine with crystals and water re-absorption by the kidney tubules are the other major causes […]

By Tess Thompson An infected bladder can cause a strong urge to urinate and is a primary cause of canine and feline urinary incontinence. A long standing bladder infection can damage the bladder rendering it unable to stretch when there is a need to hold urine. In generally cases of urinary incontinence the dog is […]

By Tess Thompson   Practically the same drugs and antibiotics that are used for treating UTI in humans are used for treating urinary tract infections in cats. Amoxicillin is semi synthetic oral penicillin that is used for treating bacterial infections and is one of the primary antibiotics indicated for treating feline urinary tract infection.   […]

Welcome to Herbal Pet Remedy

April 26th, 2009

We will be publishing a variety of articles about herbal pet remedies to keep your cats and dogs happy and healthy.