Four Ways to Protect Your Furniture From Cat Scratching If you like cats , you need to identify  out how to protect your furniture from your cat’s scratching. Scratching is natural for felines so you would want them to persist. The problem then becomes how to get them to scratch where you want them to […]

Dora the Explorer, one of the most entertaining and dear current cartoon characters on picture for children has made it to the birthday parties across the land. Whether it is a birthday party or a get together with school mates Dora the Explorer party supplies is forever high on the list. Any child that has […]

Selecting the right pet for you and your family is an important decision.  There are several hundred breeds of dogs from around the world so your choices are virtually limitless. The American Kennel Club categorized the different breeds by groups with each group having distinguishing characteristics that are shared by all the breeds in it.  […]

While in the wild, Dwarf hamsters are actually omnivores. They will gladly chew on low herbage, plant seeds, plant root and also the occasional yummy creepy-crawly. Aim to get hold of a comprehensive food for the hamster  containing little seeds and whole grains, nutritious peas and whole, dehydrated mealworms to obtain important animal protein. Give […]

Pet Cats

July 27th, 2010

Pet cats are natural hunters tending to still hunt whatever the food you provide for them. Animals, which run away from cat attacks, will often die within 24 hours through a combination of shock and infection. Pet cats are jealous, awfully jealous. Whenever a new cat comes to town, let’s say, you purchased a new […]

Anyone who is a true aquarium hobbyist wouldn’t just settle for some hearsay advice. They would learn everything they can from thorough research and experimentation. Their passion for their hobby would not only reflect on the perfect health and condition of their fish and aquarium but also on the aquarium supplies that they have. A […]

Pet owners are confronted with lots of pet health questions every day. You may suspect a health problem when the pet changes behavior, it gets sluggish or it refuses to eat. The common reaction here is to get the phone and call the vet or put the pet in the car and take it to […]

Your Rabbits Diet

July 23rd, 2010

The Importance of Fibre} A fresh supply of hay is required to be offered daily. Bunnies actually are fibrevores, meaning they need to have fibre as part of their daily eating routine. Hay features the mineral magnesium in addition to calcium, and fresh hay also includes grass and herbs. It is possible to tell precisely […]

Ferrets are legal in many areas and are rapidly increasing in popularity as pets. However, some areas, regions and states still have restrictions on owning pets. While some people may sell ferrets to potential owners this cannot be used as an excuse. The onus is on the pet owner to do the research before getting […]

Most people believe that feeding their dog is the easiest part of owning it. However, this is not necessarily true.You need to pay close attention to both the quality of food you provide and the quantities provided.Many of us make our buying decision based on price, but if you are trying to find the best […]