Four Ways to Protect Your Furniture From Cat Scratching

If you like cats , you need to identify  out how to protect your furniture from your cat’s scratching. Scratching is natural for felines so you would want them to persist. The problem then becomes how to get them to scratch where you want them to . Here are some tips on protecting your furniture .

1. Put aluminum foil on the ends of your furniture . Cats do not like to scratch on material like this.

2. Place double sided tape on your furniture. Cats do not like this either .

3. Use a can filled with marbles . When your cat starts to scratch where you do not want him or her to, shake the can loudly. This noise will scare them away from your furniture. Soon they will associate the scratching with the loud noise and stop scratching there.

4. Provide a scratch pad. If you provide an attraction to the pad, like a toy or some cat nip, they will use the pad instead of your furniture. Cat nip is one of the best ways to attract a cat .

These are just four methods of stopping your feline friend from scratching where you do not want them to. Do not declaw your cat, it is inhumane and in some countries illegal . This robs your cat of their natural instincts , is very painful for them and may affect their personality.

If you have some other methods to stop your cat from scratching, please provide it in the commentary section of this article. I would love to hear of different methods to stop cats from scratching.

I used all  of these methods to stop our cats from scratching our furniture, and they worked effectively . Now I just have the Emery Pad which is very effective and do not have to do the root three items I listed. I also stopped hair balls by using a hair brush known as furminator.

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