It’s crazy, but did you know that the obesity rate among animals is actually rising? It’s is and at an alarming rate. This mainly has to do with what you are feeding your pet because unfortunately our pets diet have become worse as well. Most of the big pet food makers use the worst pieces […]

History of Cats

May 29th, 2010

For all of time cats have taken care of their reproduction pretty much on their own. Originally, the domesticated cat was used for the hunting and killing of rodents. In our beginning with cats we would feed them to keep them around. As time marched on we began to breed cats and paid more attention […]

A Dog collar is an effective way to indicate your dog’s personality. They are also a great way to lay your own character onto your dog. Some folks select to buy a whole doggy outfit or possibly only a sweater to do this, but for those people who do not want the expense of a […]

Many people are shocked to hear their is such a thing as a diabetic cat.  They commonly hear of it first when they meet someone who has a diabetic cat or  when their own cat is diagnosed with diabetes. The surprising fact that many cats have diabetes begs the doubt “how and why do they […]

All farmers and ranchers have a long term in brain for their animals, whether it’s as a pet, for sale or slaughter, or as a perform animal on their farms. A essential component in that animal’s potential is the precise reading of its bodyweight, that getting essentially the most important indicator for some ailment which […]

There are so many various dog foods on the market nowadays and there are various points of view about the premium ingredients, developed processes and supplements to choose from and it will be a challenge to pick the right dog food for your pet. There are ways to do a basic dog food analysis from […]

Does your pet suffer from dog separation anxiety? Many do. It sure is not fun for their owners to deal with, either – that horrible, high pitched, constant whining or barking. The ear splitting crying is nearly unendurable. A noisy dog does not sit well with even the most friendly neighbors, peculiarly if the neighbors […]

Tips For Horse Hoof Care

May 22nd, 2010

Do you want to know hoof care tips and techniques? Horses are what you call ungulates. Ungulates are groups of mammals which use the tip of the toes to support their weight when moving. Most of ungulates are hoofed animals- such as horses, donkeys, zebras, camels, giraffes, and deer. A hoof is the tip of […]

If you intend on building chicken coops from scratch, then you may need to take the time to learn everything you’ll concerning how they should be constructed the first time around, therefore you won’t have to travel back and build any changes later on. By following these steps one by one to the letter, you’ll […]

If you love cats, cat dander could make your life really miserable. If you’re one of the unfortunate cat owners who have a reaction to cat dander, then good news, you may not have to give up your feline friend. Cat dander are microscopic pieces of cat skin shed by your pet and spread all […]