Have You Considered Chickens As The Perfect Family Pet?

Posted August 20th, 2010 by gemainz

Whilst pets are wonderful to have they do have their problems. Dogs will bark of the neighbours, some pets can be very expensive and veterinary bills can be very expensive and what do you do with your cat when you want to go away for a week’s holiday?

But chickens don’t bark at the neighbours, aren’t expensive to buy or to feed, don’t get sick often and can safely be left for a week or more on their own if you do it right.

Not only that but chickens are productive, a fridge full of fresh free range eggs is the mouthwatering result from keeping chickens. In many respects chickens make the perfect family pet.

Whilst you can’t really put your chickens on your lap at night in front of the television there is still no doubt that children love chickens as much as adults, ours absolutely adore theirs.

Like all pets however you need to make a little effort to learn about keeping chickens. They will need a place to live, which is variously called a chicken coop, or chicken house or henhouse, and you will need to find a good place to buy one or else learn to make it yourself. The latter can be the cheapest method.

And whilst chickens generally sleep in the henhouse at night it is best to allow them time to roam outside the coop during the day. You can do this by allowing your chickens to free range around the house where they can clean up some of the bugs in the garden, though you do have to overlook a little scratching and pecking.

If you have tomatoes planted you do need to protect them as they love to peck ripe tomatoes.

Or else you can provide a dedicated chicken run around the hen house where they can roam during the day.

It’s important, if you plan on keeping chickens, to understand some of the feeding requirements. To ensure an adequate supply of eggs they need plenty of calcium and protein. You can supply the protein from any source, though it’s possible to get dedicated high protein feed, and calcium can often come from shell grit added to their food. You will need a good feeding and watering device.

And when holidays come it’s quite possible to provide your chickens with a large reliable supply of food and water and to go away to enjoy yourself.

Without doubt keeping chickens is a great way for the family and in particular the children to enjoy having pets. Although there is plenty to learn it’s fun and rewarding and the children will love having their chickens. So learn a bit more about housing and feeding them and then start looking for your first hen.

And once you have your chickens you’re on your way to a healthy lifestyle of eating plenty of healthy free range eggs.

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