How do You Start Pet Horse Training: Get a Good Trainer

Posted October 26th, 2010 by gemainz

You may find yourself envying the people who ride well behaved horses. The thoroughbreds that are used for racing are well-trained and well cared for. Racing is something that can be done with a very good horse, in particular, one that will readily obey a rider’s bidding. Regardless if you’re getting a pony for your child or a workhorse, you should think about ways to train your horse properly.

Finding a horse that has not yet been saddle broke is the cheap alternative to getting one that is already trained, but you have to hire a trainer to help with pet horse training. Your horse’s training depends on the skills and expertise of the trainer. Ideal trainers are vets who have worked with animals before and competent derby workers who know the basics of animal maintenance and training. If possible, get one who has worked in the farm before so that he can handle big animals like horses. Here are some of the selection criteria you can try if you’re looking for a trainer to help you with pet horse training…

1. Rapport With Animals

A horse can scare most people who cannot handle animals. Taking care of a horse means subjecting yourself to its temperament. Up close, it is still a big, heavy animal that could be dangerous if not properly trained. Someone who is used to being around horses and animals in general can help you a lot. Any animal who senses fear in its trainer will become listless and ill at ease.

2. Adept

Being a beginner owner, you are not expected to know much about horses. You can probably buy all the books on horses that you can afford, but there are things that can only be learned through experience. Someone who has the right skills can become a horse trainer. Applicants should submit credentials so you can assess them better. Inform a trainer about the status of your horse’s training. No matter how skilled the trainer is, he will not be able to guess what kind of training you have attempted on your horse if you don’t tell him.

3. Someone Who Can Train a Rider

The horse is just one half of the package. Your trainer should also know something about training a horse for riding as soon as possible. Get a trainer who can train you in riding as well. It’s recommended that the right candidate understand equipment.

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