Some Easy Methods For Training Ferrets

Posted December 24th, 2010 by gemainz

Whenever you are adopting a ferret, the first and foremost work would be to immunize it. Ferrets can be groomed but not like cats and dogs. The toughest part for training ferrets is to make him understand the rules of the house.

The easiest method to be adopted for training is to reward the ferret for good behavior, as in the case of other animals. Keeping it caged and paying no attention, even if it howls or growls, is another method that can be used for transforming it into an obedient animal.

Ferrets are energetic creatures and love to move around a lot. As a result, the rooms can be messed up. Another common problem is nipping. But with a little bit of patience, ferrets can be trained not to nip and use the litter, instead of messing around.

As in the case of other pet animals, ferrets can be trained to come if its name is called out. By training ferrets in this way, helps you to save a lot of time and anxious moments, as ferrets usually creeps into some small places or holes. You should also remember to reward the ferret with food as and when it reacts to your call. This will also make him obedient.

Ferrets love eating small chicken pieces or semi-moist food particles of liver flavor. While training a wonderful idea would be to put some food particles consisting of its favorite items into a tin box and rattle the tin and call it by its name. Within a few days, the ferret will identify your call with the rattling of the tin and the treat inside it.

Baby ferrets are easiest to train and can be made to grow into happy and healthy adults through training and interactions at frequent intervals. Baby ferrets are also very playful and intelligent and can also learn tricks.

Letting the ferret unwind and relax after his boisterous play and then train him is a perfect way for training, because ferrets pay more attention in a relaxed mood. As a ferret feels more comfortable in familiar locations, training him in the same place is recommended.

While training ferrets, effort and patience on your part can train your pet ferret to sit up, roll over and fetch things, by the trick of repetition and reward. These would lead to faster grasping.

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