Spiked Pet Dog Collars Is Now A Fashion Hit

Posted November 26th, 2010 by gemainz

As the saying goes, dogs are indeed man’s best friend. That is probably the reason behind the desire of most dog owners to enhance and accentuate the appearance of their pet through trendy and fun fashions. Spiked pet dog collars have been a popular pet accessory for over a hundred years. Initially, they were used on fighting and hunting dogs to protect them from harm by other animals. Now, spiked collars have evolved into a fashion accessory, as well as a protector.

Why do pet owners choose spiked collars? You may be wondering why anyone would want their dog’s collar spiked. The reason is pretty straight forward and logical, as spiked dog collars were and still are used to give dogs protection from potential predators and attackers. Following along with that thought process, it can be inferred that the earliest societies that started using the collars paid significant regard to their pets, even hundreds of years ago. Remember that in the 19th century, people kept dogs for specialized purposes. Dogs were used as either security or body guards, or as working companions. Farmers utilized dogs to guard their crops from smaller animals, and hunters used them to easily find the animals that they killed.

For these reasons, spikes were put on custom dog collars so that no predators could harm a dog, since the spikes served as a natural protection. Modern day uses for the spiked collar have truly evolved. Today, spiked collars are now worn by dogs not only for protection, but also as a fashion accessory. Many dog owners find great pleasure in dressing their dogs with trendy and novelty accessories that range from spiked collars to cute apparel that humanizes their pampered pooch.

A spiked pet collar will likely be made of sturdy materials, such as leather and steel, to make sure that it will endure the test of time. By making them extra durable and blending them into attractive colors and designs, spiked collars are a must have fashion accessory for many pets. The prices for spiked collars tend to vary. As with most things, the prettier and more ornate they are, the more expensive they will be. Leather collars are generally also more costly than synthetic leather versions.

Almost every pet shop and pet accessory store in your area, as well as online stores sell spiked pet dog collars. It has almost become a necessity for pet stores to carry them because many a dog owner, at one time or another will be lured into getting one such dog collar for their four-legged companion. This is why you probably won’t have a hard time locating and buying a spiked collar.

The days of spiked pet dog collars being used solely for functional purposes are gone, with the new era in spiked collar fashion taking hold. People still used the collars as they were originally intended, but they now also use them to help their pet stand out from the crowd, with a fabulous look that illustrates the style and fun frivolity of the owner.

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