Reasons why the dog is vomiting

Posted February 27th, 2011 by gemainz

Pet owners, at one time or another would witness the dog throwing up. Pet owners would already be wise to the pets habit of depositing the contents of the stomach on the carpet instead of on the easy to clean tiled floor. As if one heap of vomitus is not enough for the master to clean, the dog would transfer to another corner to make another mound. In times like this wouldnt you want to vanish the dog to Neverland?

Considering the dietary indiscretion of our four legged friends, it would not be surprising to see them throwing up. Dogs would eat anything¦edible and non-edible. Objects that are not supposed to be in the stomach will be rejected by the dogs system. Dogs only have to vomit to remove the foreign objects from the stomach. We know that dogs have such huge appetites. These animals would consume large amount of food in a very short time. Because foods will just be sniffed by the dog, throwing up will occur when the dry food expands in size after absorbing the moisture in the stomach. A dog may have chronic or acute bouts of vomiting. A dog may have sudden vomiting bouts but this condition is pretty ordinary in dogs and dog owners need not be concerned especially if the dog is its usual energetic self. Generally, acute vomiting is not life threatening. The dog would throw up once to rid the stomach of the offending foreign body and after a while the pet would be its usual energetic self and would be seen once again munching non-food items. Acute vomiting though can be life threatening. We know how curious dogs are. Although intelligent animals, knowing that a substance is poisonous or that an object can create a blockage is beyond a dogs ability to contemplate. Prompt medical attention must be given to the vomiting dog.

A dog that appears to be healthy would throw up every now and then because of an undiagnosed medical condition. Chronic vomiting can be caused by distemper, parvovirus or by intestinal parasite infestation. Allergies, pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease are other causes of chronic vomiting. Chronic vomiting can result to poor digestion so that the bodys absorption of nutrients will be hampered and the dog will have a much lowered level of energy, poor appetite as well as a less than appealing coat appearance. As bouts of vomiting can seriously affect the health of the pet, a dog owner must ensure that the dog receives prompt medical attention.

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