The Latest Trend in Dog Apparel

Posted April 22nd, 2011 by gemainz

It is the responsibility of a pet owner to provide their dogs with the basic needs like food and shelter. Grooming your beloved dog is a part of this responsibility. You groom your dogs not only to look good, but it also helps them to have a clean and healthy skin and shining coat. It also includes regular trimming of nails, brushing their teeth, cleaning their ears and eyes. You can do these yourselves or you can choose to utilize the services of a dog groomer.

There are dog owner who pamper their pets by providing them with things beyond the basic needs of a dog. As most dog lovers treat their dog as part of the family, they most likely bring them along wherever the possibility arises. They also give their dogs gifts during holidays. personalised water and food bowls, sweaters, collars and leashes are readily available in the market and are given as a gift. This latest trend in dog products pave way to a company that provides dog accessories but instead of personalized products, they offer sports apparel for your dog. DoggieNation specializes in this kind of product.

So if you happen to be a sport fanatic, would it be great to see your dog wearing a jersey of your favorite football team? Or drinking or eating in a bowl with the logo of your much loved hockey team? Or if you walk your dog, you will be proud that people will see you are a big fan of baseball by your dog’s collar and leash.  DoogieNation provides this kind of products for your dog. Aside from jerseys, bowls, collar and leash, they also offer bandanas, mats, t-shirts, sweaters and toys with logos of your favorite teams. You can find your favorite teams in MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA, NASCAR and MLS. These products are formally licensed by the different leagues. DoggieNation also offers bath tubs, carriers and strollers.

If you shop online they offer free shipping within the United States by simply joining their mailing list, and they will send you an update on their current offers and shipping promotions. You can avail of their online gift certificate and have it delivered without holdup. You can also avail of DoggieNation’s wholesale promotion with a “no minimum” policy. You can shop on line by visiting their website. Key in and you will see for yourself the wide choices of dog apparel and other accessories.

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